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Apr 17, 2007 06:14 PM

Ras Doobie's Closed??

I am planning my first trip to Ras Doobie's tomorrow (Wednesday) night. I decided to call Ras Doobie's to double check what days/hours they are open. The message on the answering machine is nearly indecipherable, but sounds like he says they are closed this week, can anyone confirm??

Ras Doobie de Chef Catering and Cafe
213 Penn St.
Baltimore, MD 21230


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  1. To answer my own question, yes, it's closed. :-( Not sure when it is to re-open...

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    1. re: petera2

      I was told that the new owner of the building had indicated a desire to sell the bar (the wooden structure of the bar itself, not the whole space/building), so it may be that they are closed for removal of the bar and remodelling of the space. Or maybe Doobie's taking a vacation.

      In any case, if the voice mail said closed this week, I suspect that's what he meant, not closing forever, beginning this week.

    2. According to Elizabeth Large's blog (she's the Baltimore Sun restaurant critic), Ras Doobie is indeed gone, and the place will become Penn Street Catering on May 10th.

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      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Well, if it's true (and it sure sounds like it), it's a sad day for the Baltimore restaurant scene. I hope Doobie (the man) pops up again elsewhere.

        That said, it isn't surprising. If we don't support the restaurants we love, we're gonna lose more of them - maybe your fave will be next. If you love a place, be an ambassador for them. Talk them up. Give them YOUR business. Put some butts in the seats and dollars in the till. It's a tough business, especially for little places like Doobie's in out of the way locations, operating on a shoestring.