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Apr 17, 2007 06:10 PM

Eight Hours at Northwestern U.

Can someone help out with outstanding breakfast and lunch choices on or near campus (within walking distance / no car). Mother & daughter flying in on school look-see.


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  1. Dixie Kitchen is good and I also like Flat top Grill

    1. Yes, Dixie Kitchen is good for Cajun food. Also...

      Gio for Italian.

      Giordano's and Lou Malnati's for pizza.

      Lulu's Dim Sum or Joy Yee for pan-Asian.

      Mt. Everest for Indian.

      Koi for Chinese.

      La Petite Amelia for French bistro.

      Merle's for barbecue.

      Wolfgang Puck's Grand Cafe for American.

      That Little Mexican Cafe for upscale Mexican.

      For breakfast - Le Peep or Clarke's.

      All of the above are in downtown Evanston, within a few blocks of the south end of campus, all are open for lunch, and all have excellent food.

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        If you are going to be on the north end of campus (near Tech), try Kim's Kitchen or Rollin' to Go on Noyes (right by the el tracks). Kim's is a small independent bakery with good scones. Rollin to Go has a large sandwich selection. I particulary like the chicken and pesto on foccacia. They have nice vegetarian sandwiches, too. Both places are counter service. (By the way, I don't recommend Noyes Street Cafe, also on Noyes.)

        Mandarian House (also on Noyes) has a small but well-executed lunch menu. The decor, however, consists of a lot of brown wood and blandness.

        Joy Yee (Pan-Asian noodles) on Davis Street (south of campus, and east of Chicago Ave) has a large menu. It is the Cheesecake Factory of Chinese restaurants, with huge portions and generally good food. I particularly like the lemongrass porkchop, chicken, and shrimp dish.

        Then there's always Buffalo Joe's, an NU institution.

        Go Wildcats!

      2. One other place I should have mentioned. All the places I previously mentioned are sit-down restaurants. If you're looking for carry-out food for breakfast, Al's Deli is on Noyes near campus. It is a wonderful little hole-in-the-wall place where they make great sandwiches from scratch. Also don't miss their homemade cookies (chocolate chip, iced butter, iced spice, iced brownie). They are closed Wednesdays.

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        1. re: nsxtasy

          Oops - my recommendation of Al's Deli was for carry-out food for LUNCH, not for breakfast. (They are open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) I apologize for the error.

        2. Celtic Knot is right down town and has great pub food, as well a tea service (only Wednesdays and Saturdays I think). The sticky toffy pudding is to die for, and the owners are really friendly.

          and as u. of c. eddie said, Buf Joe's is an Evanston institution. Man, I might need to drive up there tonight and get some.

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          1. re: lulubelle

            Buffalo Joe's has taken a HUGE nosedive in quality and consistency in the past three years or so - and they charge extra for everything that customarily comes with Buffalo wings, like, the dressing, the celery sticks....

            Also steer well clear of Merle's. AWFUL bbq. The pulled pork is a disgrace. Lulu's is mediocre at best. Forget Le Peep and Clarke's for breakfast - get on the El, and go to Main Street, where you will find Lucky Platter, a half-block east of the station. Good eats morning, noon, and night. You really can't go wrong in that neighborhood, BTW - the best pizza to be had on the North Shore can be found just west of the station at Trattoria DOC, good Greek food and excellent burgers at Cross-Rhodes just east and slightly north on Chicago Ave., excellent high-end French seafood at Oceanique...lots of options within mere feet of one another. Great transportation to NU by both Metra commuter trains and the CTA is a huge plus.

            1. re: sundevilpeg

              The OP specifically asked for recommendations "within walking distance", which the places on Main Street are not. And as good as Oceanique is - IMHO the best restaurant in Evanston - it is only open for dinner, not for breakfast and lunch, which the OP was asking about.

              1. re: sundevilpeg

                I am not in complete disagreement with sundevilpeg. The wings are small and Joe's has to do something about letting odors from the kitchen wander into the dining area. I am also not a big fan of the Merkt's cheese spread they use (too tangy). I don't recall, however, being charged for celery sticks or additional dressing as sundevilpeg described.

                I hope your family enjoys the town, Mike R.

                1. re: u.of.c. eddie

                  Thanks everybody for your recos...the ladies will take them under advisement during what looks to be a busy just wondering...what's above-average ON-campus?

                  1. re: u.of.c. eddie

           not that impressed with Buffalo Joes. WIngs were small and mealy. Thought it was an off night for them. So you don't recommend the Chedder burger?

                    1. re: nu_sue

                      I strongly recommend the cheeseburger for you since you like Merkt's products. It's just not for me. The tanginess somehow enhances the saltiness and it's a little grainy. My wife likes it but I get fickle with that combination of flavors and textures. I much prefer it on water cracker.

              2. I personally like Davis Street Fish Market, casual, and pretty good food. I am not a fan of Joy Yee's, I have been to the China Town, and Naperville locations, and still prefer my local Chinese hole in the wall spot to them.