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Apr 17, 2007 06:01 PM

2 1/2 days in LA!!!

I only have 2 days in LA - looking for 2-3 solid lunch spots (sushi, burger, tacos, etc. etc.) and 2 solid dinners (anything goes - upscale or more moderate - big fan of smaller places - mediteranean food/fish/sushi/steak/interesting eclectic....)

I know that sounds like a lot, looking for a little guidance...

thanks in advance-

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  1. Don't know where you are coming from or where you will be staying, but here are some L.A. suggestions:

    Sushi Gen for sashimi lunch special (or, you could go for dinner there)
    Sea Harbour or 888 for dim sum (go to 888 if you prefer the cart style dim sums)

    You should also try Mexican and Korean if you are into those kinds of food. You can do a search for recs.

    1. You'll likely get MUCH more helpful recs if you can give us an idea of the area in which you'll be staying (LA is enormous).

      1. Well you definitely have to try In N' Out for a Hamburger. Try their web site for the location nearest you.
        Then head over to and find the nearest Taco truck Bandini recommends. He won't let you down.
        Burgers and Tacos!

        1. What part of LA are you trying to find suggestions? Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westside?

          1. Sawtelle Blvd between Olympic and Santa Monica is full of great places to try for lunch or dinner. Kiriko has sushi, good omakase and cooked dishes, but it can be pricey; Orris is fantastic Franco-Japanese cuisine in a small, convivial setting (they don't take reservations), or you can try 2117 (more French I think, but with Asian influences as well) which is a bit more sedate and also very good; there are some excellent noodle places there too (Asahi, Chabuya), as well as rather unique places like the Blue Marlin and the BBQ place (can't remember the name; it's next to the Blue Marlin). That's just naming a few. You won't find burgers or tacos there, I don't think, but just about everything else.

            Sometimes I think I just need to eat my way up one side and down the other over the course of a couple of weeks.

            For the best fine dining value in town, I'd recommend Opus' spontaneous tasting menu. 3 courses for $30, 6 for $50, 9 for $90, with wine pairings a very reasonable extra $25 or so. Innovative food made by a very creative, enthusiastic chef. Just know that three courses will probably really be 6 or so.