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Apr 17, 2007 05:49 PM

Help? Lots of leftovers, what to do with this recipe's leftovers?

Here is the recipe I made, thinking I'd use at a big brunch. Instead,
left it to make later, as already plenty of dishes.

Here's a link to the recipe.

It was quite heavy for just my hubby & me...and so cold
for this time of year. And we have tons left! I hate to toss out, though.

Would something like this heat alright & be useable insome other way?
Could I stuff bell peppers perhaps w/this filling. I wonder if having sour cream/mayo
in it would mess it up for heating?

Any other ideas? It was decent but again, we just have way too much.
If I could freeze it, but I'm guessing that would work even worse?

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  1. I think it should make a decent baked casserole -- I'd test it by taking a cup or two and giving it a good stir up - with additional cheese or sour cream as needed to make it sorta all hold together (it doesn't sound like it should need it), then putting it in some ramekins, topping it with a little grated cheese, and baking it to serve hot.

    If that doesn't work well though,, I'm at a loss.

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      each week I clean out my refrigerator of leftovers and I make my refrigerator soup.
      I think this would work good for this.

      1. re: AnnaEA

        Yea as Anna says a casserole would be good. A strata- type casserole may work best, just beat eggs and pour it over the mixture let set and bake, it should come out to a more custrady thing I guess, eggs can really make anything salvageable.

        1. re: digkv

          Thanks you guys! We DID heat it, and it was better
          than the original suggested way, even!

          Just heated it 'straight up' with no further doctoring,
          altho' we did have some tortilla chips on the side to spice things up a bit
          (w/salsa & s. cream). Thanks again!