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Apr 17, 2007 05:37 PM

What to pair with ginger ice cream?

I made some ginger ice cream this weekend (both infused with ginger, and with chopped crystallized ginger in it). It's a bit too strong and spicy for me to eat on it's own.

Any ideas of what would pair with it well, to both compliment the flavor and tone it down a bit?

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  1. make a recipe of plain french vanilla ice cream and blend them? What I did when I overdid the ginger myself. And i had a double amount of now GREAT ginger ice cream.

    1. butter cookies to make an ice cream sandwich

      or a poached pear

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      1. re: orangewasabi

        I love the ice cream sandwich idea!

      2. Maybe a scoop of vanilla alongside?

        1. I'd serve it in tiny scoops on something made with mango -- mangoes and ginger are astonishingly yummy together. *envisioning mini "mango splits" now*

          You could probably also make a very nice float or shake with it.

          1. you can pair with apple beignets or apple fritter. Something with apple or pear.
            Warm apple compote, apple tart tatin ect.