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Apr 17, 2007 05:17 PM

Healdsburg - Mirepoix, Santi, Willi's or Barndiva?

My husband and I are meeting my parents, who live in Philadelphia, up north (we're in L.A.) in July and we are taking them up to Healdsburg for a few days. I am going to try to book Cyrus, so I have the 2 months-before-date in my calendar. We have one more dinner to plan though, and I am thinking something more casual given we are (hopefully) doing Cyrus. Meaning no Forestville Inn or Dry Creek Kitchen.

I have loved Mirepoix in the past but the menu seems to have changed - I don't recall it being so French bistro-focused. Not sure how I feel about that. I have also been to Willi's. I have had some dishes I liked and others that were just ok, but it was fun. Finally, we did try Ravenous a few years back and had a disastrous dinner where they ran out of everything throughout the night and the food was just ok. I know several on the board like it -maybe we hit an off night?

Anyway, which of these would you choose?

1) Mirepoix
2) Santi
3) Willi's
4) Barndiva
5) Zin (I had a great lunch there once and we probably would do that again instead of dinner, though I can be persuaded)

I am not aware of any other standouts but do let me know if I've overlooked something.

Thanks in advance for your help. I promise to post a report (I still owe a report on my SF trip last month - Delfina and the R-C, but I will post it soon).

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  1. Barndiva is a bit more casual (for me) than Mirepoix. Food-wise they are neck-and-neck with Barndiva having better cocktails but Mirepoix better ambience for conversation.

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      Have you (or anyone else) been to Mirepoix lately? Am I not remembering correctly that it used to have less of a French bistro emphasis? Just curious. We may do A16 or Incanto on Friday, so probably would not want Santi on Sunday. Therefore, I'm thinking Barndiva or Mirepoix or Willi's. (Prob will hit Zin for lunch)

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        Check out a related thread on Mirepoix from a couple of days ago: