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Apr 17, 2007 05:16 PM

Revised Challenge

I had chosen Osgoode Hall dining room to have lunch with my previous co-workers. Turns out it is too far for them to walk. Their office is in BCE Place (Yonge and Front) so they suggested anything on Front east of Yonge.

So my chowhounding friends, is there a funky, sit down, tasty, not too pricey joint that I can take my cronies to that may impress them a teeny tiny bit but not put me in the poorhouse? I know nothing along that strip...except for peameal bacon sandwiches at St. Lawrence Market but I don't think that would impress them too much.

Thanks for all your help so far....

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  1. OK, most obvious answer: JK Wine Bar.
    Second most obvious answer: BeerBistro (not on Front, but King and just east of Yonge isn't far)
    is Colborne Lane open for lunch?
    Toba (also on King east of Yonge), if that's not too far has a good brunch, may that translate to a good lunch?

    Okay, for the more esoteric places, I'm afraid I can't help much since I usually only go to that area to do groceries.. and you can't (well, not normal people) have gelato for lunch at Solferino. I do know Trevor isn't open for lunch (I've tried).

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      I'd go with beerbistro because it never fails to impress, but another option is Mirto, another block north (Toronto and Adelaide) but just as close to BCE as most of the Front Street East choices. Mirto is a classy little Italian place run by former Spinello employees.

    2. takesushi is just below BCE and is pretty good sushi, esp for that area. It'll run you 15-20 per person.

      BeerBistro is another choice >> have a look, and see what it'll run you

      Doku 15 is just behind BCE, in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. If they don't know it, you can pshaw them, because *all* the cool peeps know it ;-)

      I fear for your wallet if they make you go to any of the typical expense account places in BCE area (no Ki, Biff's, Canoe etc)