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Apr 17, 2007 05:05 PM

Maos Kitchen Melrose

Anybody been yet? Supposed to be eating there on Wednesday night...but I'm still favoring Xian as the best Chinese within Hollywood/WeHo/Beverly Hills area and am considering switching the reservation...thoughts?

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  1. We ordered takeout from here the other night. It was pretty good. Not amazing, but solid Chinese food. My SO and I ordered:

    Beijing Spring roll
    Crunchy wonton
    People's potstickers

    (None of the appetizers that we ordered wowed either of us, I would try something a little more adventurous next time)

    Wonton Soup
    Hot and Sour Soup

    (both quite good, I enjoyed the hot and sour soup, but it could have had a little more of a kick to it)

    Hong Kong chow mien - with chicken
    Sweet & sour- with shrimp
    Long-life beans
    Mapo tofu
    Sichuan eggplant- with pork

    Since we stuck with the basics rather than going out and experimenting with some of their more interesting sounding dishes (my parents joined us, and aren't as interested in trying new things) we might have missed some of there specialties, but all in all we enjoyed the meal. Let us know if you try anything when you go that you love because we will probably order from there again as we have a 1 month old at home, and takeout is my best friend right now.

    1. we always get the kung pao and chow main with smoked tofu

      1. The wife and I went a few weeks ago on a Saturday night. The small dining room was full, but the entire patio was empty. Had chicken in lettuce cups, chicken in black bean sauce and vegetable/cashew fried rice. The portions were large and the prices reasonable. The service was good, and we liked that they were BYO (grabbed some beer from the 7-11 on Melrose). The food itself was just OK. The lettuce cups were limp, as were the replacements they happily brought us. Most items, especially the black bean sauce, were too salty. I'd say the food at Xian is better. Good luck.

        1. Have yet to go to the new Melrose Mao's, but I had a noodle-with-broccoli dish with pork at the Venice place that was so simple, so good, and dirt cheap. I could eat that any day. Repeatedly.