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Vegan? (Dallas)

A friend of mine has recently become vegan. While I know of Spiral Diner in Fort Worth, are there any Dallas restaurants that have vegan dishes or at least can easily accomodate veganism?

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  1. Thai Papaya Garden, Euless though... Most Thai restaurants will do a good job of accomodating veganism.

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      Dallas Business Journal (and Pegasusnews) just reported that Spiral Diner will open a branch near Bishop Arts in the fall.



    2. Try Cosmic Cafe, Dream Cafe, Kalachandi's, and any Thai place as stated by soapgirl.

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        I knew that Kalachandji's is vegetarian, but is it actually vegan? When I took a cooking class there, I know they used butter.

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          Sorry, I forgot about butter. OK, call and ask about Kalachandi's. But I know Cosmic and Dream Cafe both have very good vegan food.

      2. There's also Toy's on Lemmon which is vegetarian and seafood only: http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?...

        Also, from an older thread - I'm not sure how many of these places are still around, but it might help:


        1. There are also a couple of places in Richardson - From ahppycow.com - http://www.happycow.net/north_america...

          I have eaten at Veggie Garden and enjoyed it thouroughly - http://www.theveggiegarden.com/cgi-bi...

          1. If you do go with Thai recommendations, be sure to specify that it be prepared without fish sauce (a common seasoning).

            1. Greenz Salads has several items that are vegan or can be modified to make them vegan

              1. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian however DO enjoy the Cosmic Cup in Oak Lawn -- http://www.cosmiccafedallas.com/