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Apr 17, 2007 04:45 PM

Kid-friendly Upper West Side nr Natural History Museum

My husband and are Chowhounds, but his daughter and her kids are not. They like chinese, mexican, italian. We don't want to spend alot because they just don't appreciate it. Any suggestions for an early dinner near the Natural Musuem of History?

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  1. The perfect place is directly across the street on the corner of columbus and 81st Pizzeria Uno. I always see tons of kids and families in there...

    1. Most restaurants in the area are pretty kid-friendly esp for an early dinner. Isabella's is a pretty safe option with pasta (79th and col). Ocean Grill is a safe seafood option, half a block up on Col. My fave italian near that area is Celeste on Amsterdam and 84, but can be crowded depending on the time and small tables, would depend on what time you go (guess pretty safe before 7).

      1. I second Unos. Kids will get what they want from there and it is about as close as you can get. Also down near 72nd is China Fun. If you walk you can window shop.

        1. There is also a Teriyaki Boy and Jackson Hole going toward 86th Street on Columbus. And more "ethnic" selections if you walk up 79th over to Amsterdam.

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            patsy's on w74 and columbus
            vynl on columbus near W85
            i agree with celeste and china fun.
            have fun wherever you go.
            please stay away from funky diner - very overpriced, bad food and service in my opinion.

          2. Flor de Mayo, on Amsterdam and about 83, is very family friendly and sure to please.
            Celeste (recommended by one poster below) is not a place for kids, IMHO. Too 'nice' and expensive.

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              Celeste is certainly not expensive. If you go early, the kids would definitely like the pizzas or any of the pastas. sounds like a party of at least 6 - which may be a bit tight there. It's great food. Cash only!

              Patsy's would work - as would something like San Luigi on 75th/Amsterdam - not fantastic food, but can accomodate large parties.

              1. re: harrison

                I would not take kids to Celeste, even before 7. Because if the daughter and her kids are not Chowhounds, they aren't going to like the types of pizza and pasta that are there. I'd vote Patsy's.

                1. re: Westrite

                  the answer here is clearly E.J's Luncheonnette just off 81st on Amsterdam Avenue. its a diner with exceptional food.