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Apr 17, 2007 04:27 PM

New House new grill

I am looking at the new Weber Genesis grill and the Ducane grill. I also have a Natural gas connection. I had a charcoal grill for years ( new house new grill) .I am aslo going to by a small Smokey Joe. Which is the better grill or are there better ones than that.

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  1. I just got a Tuscany grill at Costco. At $399.00 it's a steal and I've been very happy with its performance.

    1. Both the Weber and Ducane grills use 'flavorizer' bars. I would love opinions as to the pros or cons of these 'bars' vs. ceramic or lava type briquets. I know the briquets can get nasty, have a tendency to flare, need to be replaced, or that is what I am thinking. Replacing my old gas grill very soon!

      1. Keep the charcoal grill, also. It can do things, like a HOT sear, that gas can't do, any make or model.

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          I may have confused in my post. By briquets, I am not talking charcoal, but those various 'faux' products that are resued until they aren't anymore! I am completely aware how fabulous this type of grilling is, I have charcoal BBQs and use various woods, etc., over the years. However, I also find a gas BBQ to be very useful, and that was what I was addressing, "flavorizer bars" vs. use of some synthetic charcoal type stuff, that absorbs the fats, etc.

          1. re: Jesdamala

            There are alot of advantages to the metal bars/deflectors and almost no disadvantages.

            Plusses -- get very hot, won't crack, won't hold moisture, take a long time to detoriate,

            Minus -- cost more when you do replace, look ugly

            There is no real reason to keep/use a gas grill that relies on the laval rock or the ceramic heat diffusing 'briquettes".

            With ANY kind of grilling there is possibility that the foods releases more fat than is burned off. That fat ought to drip out of the cooking area and into a catch can/tray. It does NOT enhance the cooking/flavor. The only thing that makes the flavor is the vaporized fat & liquids that give the char.The old style grill makers either did not realize this or did not figure out a way to use the metal bars/diffusers. When Weber unleashed the "flavorizer bars" it basically made the lava rock /pumice/ceramic obsolete.

            When the bars get too ugly to stand you have to buy a new set. They are not cheap, but you could probably grill everyday for several years before they actaully NEEDED to be replace do to pitting/deteroriation which DOES happen...