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Apr 17, 2007 04:08 PM

Decent sushi that delivers in Woodside?

Also, good sushi that I can walk to a few blocks in either direction from 61st and Roosevelt or 57th and Roosevelt. THANKS!

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  1. Well, other than Taro in Park Slope, there isn't any really good sushi outside of Manhattan. And Woodside really isn't much of a sushi neighborhood, since there is very little Japanese population here (aside from our own Eric Eto, of course). In fact, there are only 2 places I can think of that even have it. There's the Korean fish store on Roosevelt near 62nd, which has a little sushi counter that looks like it does the usual cheap convenience store type sushi in take out containers near the front of the store, and there is the former Joy's Cook restaurant on Roosevelt near 65th, which is Korean owned and once had a Japanese cook a few years ago - but I see very few people in the place these days under its current management. I don't think either place delivers. Maybe one of the Nepali-owned Japanese restaurants down on Queens Blvd. in Sunnyside (I believe there are 3 of them) would though.

    1. Yeah, actually... There's that new Asian Bistro place, TJ's I think it'scalled, at 51st and Skillman. Its not "decent," it's actually rather good!

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      1. re: Monkey Man Jake

        i'm so skeptical of outer-borugh sushi, can you qualify/quantify "rather good"?

        and of primary importance to me, have you had their uni, and is it fresh?

        1. re: charlie_b

          Ya know, I did have their Uni, with a quail egg. And it was just fine. Look, I've dove into Tomoei, Yama, Nobu all the staples in manhattan. This isn't as good, of course, but it's certainly solid. JJ's in Astoria is better, but comparable. It's really quite okay.

          1. re: Monkey Man Jake

            i'll give it a go. i am a sushi snob, but i'm willing to try things in general. uni is a requirement though for me.

            and, for the record, i think Yama is crap, and anyone who eats sushi at Nobu is shortchanging themselves.

            thanks, i'll report back on what i think.


      2. We tried TJs, the new place on Skillman in sunnyside, and found the Sushi really bad, though other people, like below, seem to think it's almost as good as JJs, which is considered the best in Queens, for what that's worth. It was the first week thouh. We haven't tried it again. Last night we ordered from Sushi Tomo, which used to be Joy's Cook, and found it decent. Not the best, but certainly satisfied the craving for Spicy Cruncy Tuna. We're going to give it some more chances and have high hopes. There's also Maru Sushi on Northern that people in my building always order from, we haven't had it yet though.

        We haven't been to either of the main places on QB, Ariyoshi or Oki, though I'm sure they probably don't deliver as far as us. We've been to both the "tibetin/nepal" places and really didn't care for their sushi.

        Generally when we really want sushi we drive down to Williamsburg for the korean run place on Berry and n6th that we love, and when I find myself in Park Slope it's Taro Sushi.

        1. I'm not certain they deliver but call 62nd Fish Market located at 62-24 Roosevelt Ave. Phone 718 426 2835. They have quite an extensive menu. I plan to visit soon for lunch. They have two tables and a counter. I think the place is new but not certain. They're open every day until 9pm.

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          1. re: Mike V

            The Fish Market place has been there at least for a year. Before them there used to be a husband and wife team running a sushi counter, and they used to be pretty good, but they moved down Roosevelt ave. and 52nd st and have their own shop now. Haven't been to 52nd st. location, but when they (I think) rented a counterspace on 62nd st. their sushi was pretty decent. At the present, it seems like the whole Fish Market operates under same owners and they have a hot food counter (mostly fried fish and chicken) and sushi/sashimi counter. Their sushi/sashimi hasn't looked attractive enough to me to make me wanna try some. I just recently tried their fish soup and chicken/rice soup. Chicken soup was a winner, fish soup was good, but too many bones, but for that price I'll probably have it again - 2 bucks.

            1. re: welle

              wondered about the 52nd st place...that's the one accross from La Flor, right? Being under the 7 train, it's not the most appealing for sushi! Soho Tomo is under the 7 at 64th but it looks cute, so it's deceptive. The other thing that frightens me is that Hahn am Reum has sushi...but it's not refrigerated, find that a bit scary.

              1. re: Widmark

                Yup, that's the one. I'm not sure if the same couple who owns it now - the one I know was a middle-aged Korean couple. Their sashimi combo used to be very generous - $15 bought enough to feed 2 omnivores - and they didn't fill up with cheaper less popular fish like salmon. I also liked free miso soup (very good one) that they gave with every sushi order.
                I know what you mean about cuteness factor, the 52nd st. place looks more like a fastfood place, as Tomo is more of a sit-down place. I haven't been since they changed owners and name, but encouraged by your evaluation. Have you eaten there when it was Joy's Cook? How does it compare?
                HAR's sushi is not really a sushi, it's sort of Korean take of california roll, I think they have a name in korean for those. It's made of fake crab and it's basically just a rice roll, and they don't keep it overnight (markdown before closing). I've had it many times and I'm alive - just don't consider it sushi, more like a rice/veggie snack.

                1. re: welle

                  It's called kimbap, and although it looks like sushi it's not really the same thing. It's typically unrefrigerated in Korea too.

                  1. re: welle

                    yes, in korean, it's called kimbap. there is absolutely no fish in there. and, it's left outside of the fridge b/c otherwise in the fridge, kimbap gets kinda hard and yucky. you want it to be kinda soft and chewy.

                    the ingredients are: carrot, fully cooked slice of egg, da-kwon (daikon, the super yellow and sweet radish), spinach, kamaboku (the fake imitation crabmeat) and beef... rolled in kim (nori) and rice.

                    i love, love, love kimbap. it reminds me of going on roadtrips and my mom would make a ton of these and onigiri (the triangular or round balls of nori wrapped rice balls filled with things like beef or tuna). ahh, those were the days... a station wagon filled with a traveling korean family exploring the great USA. :-)

                    1. re: Linda

                      thanks all for the Kimbap explanation. I'll have to try it.

              2. re: Mike V

                Please let me know if you have had a chance to go yet. I stopped in tonight to pick up shrimp for risotto we are making and grabbed the sushi menu. And they deliver! They do have the pre-packaged stuff in a counter up front, but they were back there making stuff to order. Just wondering how it is.


                1. re: Justpaula

                  Paula, I couldn't make it this week but plan to next week and I'll report back.

                2. re: Mike V

                  Their sushi is decent. I've been there a couple of times and I love their selections since they also offer fried fish as well. They actually renovated since it used to be just a fish market and they've expanded to include fried fish and sushi.

                3. Sushi Tomo/Joy's Cook - They are sooo nice and their sushi is fresh, and they give a nice size chunk of meat in the rolls. As good as the best neighborhood places (Kirara comes to mind) in Manhattan in my opinion, with comparable prices. Apparently they deliver, which I didn't know. It is the same owner as Joy's Cook, right?