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Apr 17, 2007 03:53 PM

South Shore Cape Cod countertops?

I am looking to replace my wood countertops with something else? concrete? granite? soap stone? Does anyone have recommendations for a good vendor in this area. Thanks, Patty

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  1. I just made a decision on a top for a kitchen island after exhaustive research, and I finally decided on Corian. What sold me is the color, "Pompeii Red," and the easy maintenance. I have granite countertops, and my experience with the granite is that it stains after contact with oil, vinegar, lemon juice (basically the things I use most in the kitchen), plus it needs polishing every year or two.

    My suggestion is to start with Kitchen stores in the yellow pages so you can see different options all at once. For instance there's a place Countertop Solutions in Norwood that provides granite, quartz, corian and laminate, all manufactured in-house. I'd check something like that out first. I did most of my research online which I don't recommend. If I'd just hit a few of these kitchen stores at the outset I could've saved a lot of time.

    If you want to look into Corian, though, I can recommend Laura Ludwig at Bill Shea's in Quincy. She came out to my place with samples which was helpful; if you're looking on the DuPont site do not pay for samples as I almost did! My installation is in a couple of weeks and I can report back if interested. Good luck!

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      Call Cape Cod Countertops in Mashpee. Kevin Cayer is the owner. He is top quality in his work and he fabricates stone and solid surface. If you go with stone it is really important that you do your homework and ask questions about sealant/staining/maintenance etc. Kevin can answer your questions, I'm sure