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Apr 17, 2007 03:52 PM

Shad Roe

I saw shad roe on the menu at Grand Central Oyster Bar last night but as luck would have it they were out. Anywhere else you know that might serve it? The less pretentiously the better. (i.e. not shad roe ravioli in cilantro pesto)

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  1. Do a search, there was another recent thread on this. I know Le Cirque has it, it was around $25 or so, with caper butter or something of the sort.

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    1. re: Bugsey34

      Tocqueville had it as a special appetizer last week ($18), but call ahead to check.

    2. i don't know whether they will have shad roe, but i saw a poster for a shad festival at which they will have free tastings of shad prepared in the "traditional native american" way. i was intrigued.

      p.s. this is not warrenr.