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Apr 17, 2007 03:41 PM

One Meal Saturday Night

We're coming back for the second time since Katrina. Have already booked Cochon, Brigtsen's, Lilette, Commander's and Stella! Will eat at Galatoire's Friday lunch. Although I love August, Bayona and Emeril's places, want to do something different. Anyone have suggestions?

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  1. Go to NOLA and fill your table with four or five appetizers from the unusual menu.......

    1. Iris restaurant just had their chef nominated for top 10 new chefs in food and wine magazine. There was an earlier post at this sight with an interesting video attached from an interview with NYrestaurant video. A couple of other restaurants are featured in the New Orleans section. Iris is very good and new since the storm. Chef was previously working at Lilette.

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      1. re: Tonto

        I've googled Iris and can't find a website. Do you know if they have one?

        1. re: River Rat

          I have not found one for them, but they will fax you a menu (they did for me).

          I would also throw in Upperline, Dick and Jenny's or Herbsaint....or maybe Gautreau's.

          1. re: bbares81

            How would you compare Iris with Stella!? If I had to pick one, what would you recommend and why?

            1. re: ddavis

              Stella is larger and more elegant, servers wear white gloves, the food is imaginative with fusions of other styles. I am pretty sure it may cost much more than Iris, but well worth it if it fits your budget.
              Iris is small and casual, but they take great care in putting imaginative flavors of fresh food. Both restaurants rely on fresh ingredients rather than heavy sauces to define the flavor.

              1. re: Tonto

                Thanks to all for the suggestions. Seems to me I can't go wrong. I'll post a trip report when I get back. We have a couple of "musts": Brigtsen's and Galatoire's. Must also do CP since it hadn't reopened the last time down. The others are optional, but want to mix some new (to us) with the old standbys.

                1. re: ddavis

                  Any recommendations on what are the must orders at CP?

                  1. re: Problem Child

                    My brunch favorites are the turtle soup, pecan-crusted gulf fish and bread pudding souffle` with whiskey sauce.

                    1. re: Problem Child

                      The bread pudding souffle is a must. But you have to order it when you place your entree order, as it takes 40 minutes to prepare.
                      I also had great tournedos of beef there.

                      1. re: Problem Child

                        If they still have the shrimp with pepper jelly glaze, I loved those.