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Apr 17, 2007 02:46 PM

Fort Worth Must Eats

The Dallas version of this post inspired me to start this up. I couldn't find any recent threads on Ft. Worth only. Let's be specific about the places (good for kids? how expensive?) and show some travelers (and locals) what great food we have around here.

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  1. St. Emillion on 7th Street. Small, cozy, country French restaurant. Prix fixe menu (around $38). Worth every penny and more. Reservations advised. Every bit as good as Daniels in NYC per my sister who has dined at both St. Emillion and Daniels.

    1. Also, lunch at the Modern Museum in Fort Worth. Beautiful setting and wonderful food.

      1. Railhead Barbecue for great sliced beef. It's a noisy place, full of beer drinkers in the afternoon, and not for a family, but for barbecue and beer, or to take out, it's wonderful. This place also has the best french fries I've ever known (I think they are fried in peanut oil, and I think it helps a lot), and the fries are ridiculously inexpensive.

        1. I just got back from Fort Worth and enjoyed the city immensely. I went to Mi Cocina - which was sooo good, and had great service. We had a wedding rehearsal dinner at the Reata (too many peppercorns on the tenderloin!), but everyone loved the food. If Piranha is the only sushi place in the downtown area, well, that's really unfortunate. It was really bad. I never saw such small pieces of really mediocre sushi, and sold per piece for about $2.50 each! The sweet shrimp was the size of rock shrimp, and the yellow tail and salmon and tuna sashimi were about the size of three postage stamps, and nearly as thin! The rolls were really chintzy, and yet cost as much as ones here in L.A. ($10-12.50). I'm sorry to complain, but that was the only downside. We also went to Riscky's Bar B Q, which was decent enough and a lot of fun. I will return, but hope to explore some more and find some gems.

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            I was disappointed in Pirhana as well. Maybe I went there with too-high expectations, because it was so highly recommended. I also found their sushi to be mediocre. I ordered a spicy tuna roll, thinking I'd get what I was used to, which is chopped tuna mixed with spicy sauce in a roll. Instead, I was served a tuna roll with what seemed to be cocktail sauce poured over it. They also drowned another roll in three other sauces that weren't specified on the menu. The sushi itself was ok, but nothing that made my eyes roll back in my head.

            1. re: QueenB

              It has come to a realization that there are two types of sushi restaurants. One that does rolls really well and one that takes pride in their sushi and sashimi quality. During the beginning phase of my sushi adventures I was a huge roll fan. Now as seasoned veteran of sushi, I almost do nothing but sashimi and sushi...occasionally ordering a roll or two just to get my sweet tooth craving a fix. Just like the two types of sushi restaurants, there are two types of sushi that appreciates the delicacy of raw fish the other that like the utopia of flavors that are in rolls. I figured this out while entertaining some old college friends this past week. They proclaimed they wanted i took them to Tei-Tei where the sashimi and sushi were excellent as usual...but they didn't touch them. They just wanted rolls. UGHHH!!! Should have taken them to Blue Fish or somewhere else that was lighter on my wallet.

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                And of course, there are those of us who enjoy both!

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                  rolls are also nice for people with lower budgets, but if you were paying, I'd have the sashimi.

                2. re: QueenB

                  QueenB, I totally understand. I will do without before eating at Pirahna's. The original location in Arlington lacks the execution to match the flair the menu promises. And the service is the worst in the area! But if you are near the Arlington location wait till 4:30 pm and go into My Martini's and order the same dish. The sushi comes from Pirahna's and for some reason they prepare it better when its destined for the bar.

              2. BEST SUSHI - Japanese Palace out west of downtown a bit. Very best Mexican is Uncle Julios on Camp Bowie. For upscale dining try Bonnell's. Railhead or Cousin's BBQ are fine too.