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Apr 17, 2007 02:26 PM

A Great Baked here:

So far it's just the little cupcake store on 3rd Street near 6th Avenue, collocated with the weird (sauce on cheesesteak?) cheesesteak place. Very moist. And Make My Cake (great red velvet). Also very moist.

Maybe the almond/honey cookie at Poseidon Bakery on 9th. Maybe the cookie/scone at Levaine. Maybe Little Red Hen's red velvet cupcake. Maybe Sunshine in LES (especially the almond cupcake).

Moishe's hammendtashen (sp?) are just not that great. (Had a bite from all four yesterday). Their black and whites...inedible. Parisi cupcakes are stored in a fridge, which I feel should never be done with cake. Makes the icing too hard and takes away from the cake. Had their rugelah (uncut logs) too. Not very good.

Milk and Cookies has bad bars (too dry), though they do have a few very good cookies. Patisserie Claude's Pain au Chocolat is only OK, IMHO.

Most NY cupcakes are too dry. Crumbs look great, but that's it. Burgers and Cupcakes' are hit or miss (you never know how old they are).

What's earth shattering for you?

(BTW, I love the McD's Hot Apple Pie, so maybe I'm not mainstream. Also love the Hot and Crusty Black and White, which others don't like much.)

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  1. Baklava at Taksim is to die for!

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Streudel at Cafe Sabarsky/Blau Gans the best!

      1. re: LFeinberg

        I just ate some of that today... I love that Taksim is on Seamless!

        Also let me throw in the chocolate cupcakes at Kyotofu. They're rich, good chocolate flavor, not too sweet, no frosting.

        1. At opposite ends of the muffin spectrum (but equally tasty): the super-rich chocolate-cheese muffin at Samad's on B'way/111th and the healthier-than-thou fat-free muffins from Healthy Delites (sold at Garden of Eden).

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          1. re: piccola

            Also at GoE - the pretzel rolls, better than many a streetcart soft pretzel.

          2. Tiramisu at Financier is a winner, as well as in a little Italian cafe L'Angolo on Houston/Sullivan.

            1. Most everything from Two Little Red Hens - try the Apple Oatmeal Muffin

              Sticky Buns at Bouchon Bakery

              Cream Cheese Brownies at Kitchenette (or Homemade Bake Shop outpost)

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              1. re: harrison

                Almond crossiant from Almondine in Brooklyn
                Pumkin cupcake from Sunshine
                Napoleon from Rocco's

                1. re: harrison

                  The red velvet cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens! Absolutely delicious!

                  1. re: Briek

                    I like the two little red hens too -- namely the chocolate crinkle cookie, the whole wheat maple scone and the pecan coffee cake.

                  2. re: harrison

                    Also the cranberry scones at Homemade Bake Shop are unbelieveable.

                  3. At Arte Around the Corner: the whole wheat fruit muffins (sometimes blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, all delicious), the honey loaves, polenta cookies, basically anything i've tried.

                    Speaking of healthy baked goods, does anyone know where Sensible Edibles stuff is sold besides dean and deluca (the little coffee shop near me that used to have them closed last year)?

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                    1. re: jsgjewels

                      hey Sensible Edibles sells there goods throughout the city, but if you are looking for a sepcific region in the city let me know where and i will send you a list of stores near you.