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Apr 17, 2007 02:22 PM

Thoughts about BLT Prime

Friends are taking me to dinner Thursday night at BLT Prime (their choice). Any recommendations would be helpful. I have never been, and they are all from out-of-town. Are the Kobe cuts worth the $$$? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi, we've been there about 4 times, and we enjoy the place for what it is. Good vibe steakhouse. It's cosy/noisy good red meat hit.
    My BF always get the kobe & I get flank/skirt and mine always is tastier. But the melt in your mouth experience of kobe is something to try. I don't think it has the flavor but it's personal. You get fab free cheese popovers with your entree's so dont eat too many appetisers - although they are really good. Salads are small. Sides there are amazing. Onion rings are signature, blue cheese potato tots yum. The sommelier is very good there - ask for a great wine for your meal - you get extra good attention and it's fun! New Mouton Rothschilds from South America - really special. Make sure you all get different sauces so you can try them all. Great cheese board at the end with dessert wine...

    1. I've enjoyed the porterhouse for 2 there. Try not to fill up on the popovers!

      1. This is one of my fave restaurants in NYC. The popovers are to die for. So cheesy and fluffy. The salads are great to start with. The ribeye is the best but the braised short ribs come close. I had the luxury of having the Kobe cuts and yes, they are worth the $$$! The desserts are the the perfect topper (think about getting the sundae!)