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Apr 17, 2007 02:20 PM

good recipe from Everyday Food

a friend gave me a gift sub to Everyday Food, a Martha Stewart cooking mag. Although I was initially doubtful, I'm finding the quick and easy attitude very nice, and I love a recipe I adapted : Roasted cauliflower and salmon, flavored with anchovy, olive oil and red pepper flakes. the change I made was to cover the roasting cauliflower for the first few minutes, so it can cook through, a tip I think I read in Cook's. Really delicious and pretty healthy. Has anyone else tried this magazine?

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  1. Yes, I purchased a subscription for my sister. I think it is a good, practical one for during the week cooking and planning, especially for a mom, like my sister.

    1. I pick it up at the news stand now and then - I like the shopping lists it has. They make it easy to send dasHusband to the grocery when I'm under the weather.

      1. I subscribe to a lot of cooking magazines but this by far is the one I consult and cook from most often. There was a point that I had so many of the old issues saved that I finally had no choice but to go through each one and tear out the recipes that I kept going back to put them in some semblance of order (for whatever reason, the website doesn't allow you to save recipes). And now, there is a cookbook out with many of my favorites in there-all in one place and grouped by season. This magazine and now this book has proved to be a lifesaver on many occassions when I find myself low on inspiration.

        1. I was leery the first time I saw this magazine, but I picked it up anyway. Totally sold after looking through that issue, and now have a subscription. Rare is the issue that doesn't have a great recipe, and most have a few. The recipes are fairly simple, easy, quick and full of flavor (at least the ones that have appealled to me). This all means a lot when you have a baby in the house. Like rosielucchesini, I have torn out pages all paper clipped together because I had too big a pile of magazines.

          1. Myra would you mind posting that recipe with your changes. I too found that Cook's tip helpful when roasting cauliflower. I love salmon and anchovies and would love to try this. Or if you let me know which issue it's in I can hunt for it.