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good recipe from Everyday Food

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a friend gave me a gift sub to Everyday Food, a Martha Stewart cooking mag. Although I was initially doubtful, I'm finding the quick and easy attitude very nice, and I love a recipe I adapted : Roasted cauliflower and salmon, flavored with anchovy, olive oil and red pepper flakes. the change I made was to cover the roasting cauliflower for the first few minutes, so it can cook through, a tip I think I read in Cook's. Really delicious and pretty healthy. Has anyone else tried this magazine?

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  1. Yes, I purchased a subscription for my sister. I think it is a good, practical one for during the week cooking and planning, especially for a mom, like my sister.

    1. I pick it up at the news stand now and then - I like the shopping lists it has. They make it easy to send dasHusband to the grocery when I'm under the weather.

      1. I subscribe to a lot of cooking magazines but this by far is the one I consult and cook from most often. There was a point that I had so many of the old issues saved that I finally had no choice but to go through each one and tear out the recipes that I kept going back to put them in some semblance of order (for whatever reason, the website doesn't allow you to save recipes). And now, there is a cookbook out with many of my favorites in there-all in one place and grouped by season. This magazine and now this book has proved to be a lifesaver on many occassions when I find myself low on inspiration.

        1. I was leery the first time I saw this magazine, but I picked it up anyway. Totally sold after looking through that issue, and now have a subscription. Rare is the issue that doesn't have a great recipe, and most have a few. The recipes are fairly simple, easy, quick and full of flavor (at least the ones that have appealled to me). This all means a lot when you have a baby in the house. Like rosielucchesini, I have torn out pages all paper clipped together because I had too big a pile of magazines.

          1. Myra would you mind posting that recipe with your changes. I too found that Cook's tip helpful when roasting cauliflower. I love salmon and anchovies and would love to try this. Or if you let me know which issue it's in I can hunt for it.


            1. I agree with you myra. I'm skeptical in general with anything Martha Stewart, but I loved this magazine. The recipes have gotten more and more similar lately, though. You'll be happy to know that they just released the Everyday Food cookbook recently (called "Great Food Fast"). I own it and it's some of the best recipes from the magazine, all neatly organized into seasonal recipes. It's quite good.

              1. Wouldn't you know that just after responding to this, I got my latest issue, and only found one recipe that sounded at all interesting to me. Oh well, just an off month I'm sure!

                1. I have a recipe for buttermilk panna cotta from that magazine, back when it first came out. I make it several times every summer. I got rather fed up with food magazines a couple years back, and didn't renew my subscriptions. The backlog was choking me, but I probably just need to adjust my attitude!

                  1. All the recipes I have tried have turned out well. While they are not in the same league as some other magazines they are good. The only drawback I find is that they are basic and often require a little personal tweeking. Two recipes that come to mind is a sauce using, sundried tomatoes, good canned tomatoes and fresh cherry tomatoes and the bittersweet chocolate mousse.



                    1. I've been getting this magazine since volume 1 and I totally love it. This month, I'm going to try to make the apple and cheddar frittata (page 66), artichoke dip (38), and the jicama and cilantro dip (76). In the future, I'd also like to make the carrot puree (138), southwestern corn chowder (58).

                      Right now I have the ingredients on hand for the frittata and dip. Maybe I'll make the frittata for breakfast today!

                      Last month, they had a recipe for canadian bacon strata. It sooks like the easiest recipe, and the perfect thing to bring to a brunch potluck. I planned to make it for the volunteer breakfast at the school where I teach, but my principal doesn't want to give me tenure, so I'm going to keep the recipe to myself! Take that, lady!

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                        Don't feed the mean! Good for you puppymomma.

                        The jicama and cilantro dip was the one that caught my eye this month. Sounds good.

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                          i made the southwestern corn chowder. it was a snap and very tasty. so quick, and the pantry had everything i needed.

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                            Okay, I made the frittata. I changed the recipe and documented it in my blog. If you want to see the pics and read my thoughts, here's my site: