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Apr 17, 2007 01:59 PM

Graduation dinner in Philly

I'm looking for a place in Philly to celebrate my son's graduation from Temple. It need not be in the Temple area. Requirements are great food and I would prefer a BYO. There will be about 7-10 people in our party and I can't afford anything TOO expensive.

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  1. Terra Columbiana isn't that close to Temple, but just off Roosevelt Boulevard around 5th Street it isn't that far away either. Not sure whether it is a BYOB, but the food was tasty, ample, reasonable, and the vibe was warm.

    1. Two places that would be at the top of my list would be Branzino and Tre Scalini.

      Branzino is at 17th St., just north of Spruce, so you would need to use a parking lot - or public transportation. Lovely ambience, excellent food, and I have been to many large dinners there.

      Tre Scalini, on Passyunk Ave., has street parking. Food has always been excellent. They now have an upstairs room that they use for large parties; we were there recently with a group of 8.

      What's nice about both of these places is that you would be able to talk. Tre Scalini has large, round tables and it is quiet enough upstairs that you could hear each other. (Of course, they could be booked there for a banquet.)

      These are two of our favorites. There are other BYOB's that we like a lot, but they are either small and crowded or extremely noisy - not what you want for this occasion. Both of these places would be festive, with very good menus. Both have meat, fish, pasta, good salads, etc. - something for everyone.