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Apr 17, 2007 01:50 PM

UPDATE: Veggie Mole Enchilada Dinner party

I just wanted to let you all know that the veggie enchilada recipe tips I asked you for last week did not go to waste!

I ended up skipping the tofu idea, and going with a vegetable recipe (couldn't do cheese, as we had a vegan in the house). I used this recipe for pumpkin enchiladas with mole, from simon rimmer:

I used the mole negro paste i got down in mexico, so assembly was pretty easy. i also used corn tortillas and fried them, as per another chowhound recommendation. they were great!

i skipped the ceviche (due to a pregnant friend...i wasn't sure if questionably cooked shellfish would be a good idea), and instead made these chipotle shrimp tostadas from rick bayless:

i found the creaminess to be a bit overwhelming, but some of the guests loved them.

we drank cooks illustrated margaritas and finished with bars of lime tequila chocolate. yum!

oh, and i used the mexican rice recipe also from cooks illustrated - it was perfect! my first time making it, too.

everything was great, and tips from this board were a big help. thanks guys!

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