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Apr 17, 2007 01:42 PM

Vegetarian-friendly with nice wine list in Durham, NC?

Hi there -

I'll be traveling to Durham about once or twice a month for work. I'm looking for a variety of places that have vegetarian options - both cheap and higher-end. In particular I'm partial to places with creative food and nice wine by the glass lists for dinner, as well as lower-key places for lunch options. I'd like to not spend more than $25 per entree for dinner options (not including wine or first courses) and not more than $10 per lunch (everything).

Many thanks for your help!

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  1. Anotherthyme (on Gregson St.) near Brightleaf Square (Gregson & Main) -- very good and they can do veg although menu seems meat heavy ( -- Dinner only. Wine list online also.

    Parizade ( is good mediterranean, can be heavy on oil though -- I've not been in a while, but hear they have a new, fun tapas-style appetizer menu...

    Most restaurants in Durham will do veg if not on menu -- the city is very veg-friendly IMO....High end -- try Four Square, Magnolia Grill, Nana's

    Piedmont is a good new option -- lots of local produce/products....Guglehupf for lunch.....

    Sitar India can be hard for a non-Durhamite to find, but is excellent Indian fare....

    The good news is you don't have to resort to chain restaurants in this town....for reviews, check out Have fun with it!

    1. I'll second the Piedmont recommendation.

      If you're willing/able to drive to Chapel Hill, you might try the Lantern. I had a great tofu curry there last week ($14, I think). It was really nicely spiced and served over rice vermicelli. They also do mushroom and cabbage steamed dumplings, and often have veg. spring rolls. They specialize in asian fusion. They don't have a *huge* list of wines by the glass, but they're normally fairly well chosen, and they also have saki. In the same vein, and also in Chapel Hill, is Jujubee. I *think* you can sub tofu for any of the proteins in a few of their dishes, and they do fantastic veg. dumplings. I've found quite a few nice wines by the glass there.

      1. If you're willing to go to Cary once in a while for dinner, you might try the Lotus Leaf Cafe. They have a decent wine list by the glass, they are veg friendly, not too expensive, and I generally find the food well-prepared.

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          I'd like to recommend Tallulah, a Turkish restaurant in Chapel Hill, they have fantastic vegetarian appetizers, really haute cuisine with a great atmosphere. One of my favorite places. Their Turkish desserts, home made baklava & knafa, not to be missed either.

        2. Rory is right - Tallulah is a wonderful place with lots of nice wines by the glass and very good turkish food. Also thought I'd mention Glasshalful, a new small plates restaurant that has opened in Carrboro (just past Chapel Hill from Durham). I went last night and found plenty of vegetarian choices, and a very nice list of wines by the glass. The menu changes, but some of the veg. choices last night were: roasted butternut squash dip w/ toasted lavash; vichyssoise w/ frizzled leeks; warm french lentils w/ feta; zucchini and onion latke w/ sunny-side-up egg; eggplant alla maria w/ tomatoes and mozzarella; sweet potato and sage risotto; grilled asparagus w/ roasted red pepper sauce, and an assortment of cheese. The menu lists a website at, but I wasn't able to get to anything when I just tried it.