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Best Chip Truck in Toronto.

Alright, I was in Port Hope for easter weekend. Port hope's a little town about an hour east of Toronto for what it's worth. There was a chip truck there, and we stopped to grab some fries. It was in the parking lot of the liquidation world, bottom of Walton st, across from KFC.

I sprayed them with the malt-vinegar-spray-bottle deal, and threw some salt on them, and no sooner had I taken a bite than I knew I was in pure chip-truck heaven.

I've yet to stop thinking about how great they were. Yes, I know if I really wanted some I could just make the trip back there, and I totally intend on doing so. That's not the question though.

The question is whenever I don't feel like making the trip all the way there for some fries, where can I find the best chip truck fries in my home city? I live at Sheppard and Yonge, but I know there's no chip truck around here.

Great things have been said about the truck down in front of city hall, and I totally want to check it out, but is it really the best?

Good chip truck fries in my mind are a lot like a fatter version of New York Fries. They've got a great potatoe flavour, with good oil. Bonus points for skin-on, and extra bonus points for fresh cut. Also, they must taste awesome with malt vinegar. OH, and HUGE PORTIONS.

Good chip trucks...GO!

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  1. I really like the chip truck that's parked across the street from CBC on Front. St. It's a white truck owned by Nick...fries are amazing! You got me drooling now!

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      both the trucks in front of the metro convention centre are good, imho. The portions are huge!

      the blue truck in front of Nathan Phillips Square is good too, but I hate all the pigeons around there

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        There are currently two blue trucks in front of Nathan Phillips Square. The one which I (and, seemingly, the rest of the fry-patrons) prefer is called Mr. Tasty Fries.

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        "Casablanca"'s original title was "Everybody Comes to Rick's". At the CBC Broadcasting Centre on Front Street "everybody comes to Nick's". Most CBC folk, me included, head across the street to Nick's truck for our chip fix. So that's where my vote goes, along with my appetite.

      3. My favourite is the chip truck at Cherry Beach--it's a little-known fact that french fries have no calories if you eat them while walking the dog...

        1. Don Juan's, featured in many a magazine and television show. He's a crazy Spaniard and is only around when the weather is good (spring-early fall) but man does he make a good fry and he's a trick to order from. All guys are "Hey Ugly" and all girls are "Hey Beatiful" he's good fun, super cheap and can't be beat. Front and John across from the CBC building. 277 Front is the address he's infront of Don Juan is on the truck. Everything else is just playing.

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            Yep, Don Juan's was the name that I was trying to think of! His fries are excellent!

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              Don Juan's switched owners in 2008, the fries just aren't as good there any more.

              1. re: ghanima

                Ask the new owner, if they use the same cooking oil as previous owner.. I find Canola Oil the best to use.

          2. If you don't want to head all the way downtown from Y&S, there is a chip truck in front of the Pet Smart at Eglinton and Laird. I can't vouch for the quality, as I've never indulged, but you could check it out and report back!

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              I'm definitely going to check it out at some point, thanks for the info. Tonite I'm going to Salad King for supper though, so it'll be a while before I get a chance to go.

              Don Juan sounds awesome too, thanks for all the great responses. Mmmm, I can taste the fries already.

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                Big blue chip truck in front of Toronto City Hall (100 Queen Street west)

              2. re: TorontoJo

                had them once. soft and undercooked. don't bother.

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                  That truck changed owners in 2008. It really was fantastic before then.

              3. ALL chip trucks on front st are great. had them from each @ the same time

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                  My fave from when I worked down at the MTCC a fair bit was .. Bozos.

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                    I just worked a trade show at the MTCC and my entire team's yearly guilty treat and ritual is some Bozo's fries ... and then trying to fend off the seagulls as we eat them in the wee park area opposite.

                    Delicious and totally worth the guilt.

                    1. re: LissyDee

                      LOL...we used to sneak them into MTCC and eat them behind the curtains in our registration areas.

                2. the best fries are not in a chip truck but at starfish oyster bed and grill on adelaide st east. they are crunchy, skinny frites and you get a big bowl full, I MEAN A BIG BOWL FULL for around 6 bucks. they're served with aioli but they will bring out the ketchup and vinegar on request if you give that puppy dog look when asking.

                  1. The best chip truck is not in Toronto.

                    It is Alberts Rolling Lunch (since 1957) located under the Bluewater Bridge on the St. Clair River in Point Edward (Sarnia).

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                        Albert's Rolling Lunch is no more 'rolling' It lost it's lease
                        and moved to a fixed building just one block East of the river.
                        Fries are still good, the other food items on offer are bland.

                        My favorite is and has always been and still is the Scottie's Fry truck, still
                        under the Bluewater Bridges.

                        1. re: gypsy1

                          That's really too bad. I found a petition that was signed by over 1200 people from all over the planet, pleading to save the truck.
                          It won't be the same with Alberts in a non-rolling building. And IMO the others are not up to snuff, having tried them when the Alberts lineup was too long for my patience.
                          Bureaucrats truly can mess things up.

                          1. re: Scary Bill

                            Don't worry, SB. The new, permanent location is just as good, imho.

                      2. Tried the chips from Kel's today and can honestly say I have never had better. They were perfect. I got the family size there must have been at least 3 pounds. If the weather holds out next weekend we are going back for more.

                        1. I went to Kel's chip truck tonight loaded up the family excited kids etc. Brought plates and blankets to protect the car seats from ketchup etc.. I took the highway for the 11km it took me about a about a half hour to get there. Website said it was open until 6. I got there at 5:30 and it was closed. Gotta say I'm not very impressed to be planning an outing, a little somthing fun for the kids and they don't keep their hours posted on the website.

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                            Oh dear, what a disappointment. I know she sometimes closes when the weather is bad, but I took that to mean pouring rain or blizzards. I wonder if she has reduced her hours now that summer's over?

                          2. Not Toronto, but if you happen to be in Burlington, try Freshman's Fries. It's a chip truck just off Fairview and Drury Lane, near Holland Park Nursery. Maybe off the the beaten path for you T.O. folk but worth a detour if you're west of the city.

                            1. Not Toronto, but there's a great one in Milton on the way to Rattlesnake Point and another just on the outskirts of Stouffville. Both in parking lots of industrial malls. Small towns, where there can be only one...