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Apr 17, 2007 12:57 PM

Tapas for a large group

We are throwing a birthday party of 20 and figure tapas to be a good idea as they are easy to share. Dali only allows reservations up til 6p. Does anyone have another suggestion for a great tapas spot, one that might cater to a large group and later than 6p?


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  1. I know that Bar Lola has a private party room!

    1. Tapeo will do a reservation for a large party. They will also allow you to preset the menu.

      Personally, I think tapas are a bad idea for a group that size. You end up with too much of one thing, not enough of another, etc. It's not like you can share any dish among more than a few people, for the most part.

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        On the contrary I was at a birthday party at Dali (same/similar menu to Tapeo?) with about that many people and had a great time - it worked out really well as people ordered all over the menu, and the sangria was flowing freely. Of course darn near everyone ELSE there was having a birthday party too...

      2. If it's on a weeknight, you can book at Cuchi Cuchi but I believe on the weekends their reservation policy is also only until 6PM.

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        1. re: lissy

          Pretty sure on a weeknight they only take reservations before 6pm, too.

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            I booked a group of about 10 for a Thursday night at 8PM in the last month or so without a problem.

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              My memory isn't what it used to be.

              1. re: gini

                Mine neither, I had to go back and check my calendar to be sure we weren't there at 6 :)

        2. Tasca in Brighton is great for a big group. They provide tons of food (it just kept coming & the accomodated our vegetarians) and sangria and it's for a set price that if I recall was very reasonable.

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          1. re: Grita

            I'd second Tasca. Was there for the first time a couple of weeks ago and had a good meal. They have a fairly large room, so I bet they could handle a group of 20.

            My fiance had dinner at Tapeo a couple of months ago for a bachelorette party and I know they had over 10.

          2. If Waltham is not outside your radius, check with Solea - They have a big room that I bet could accommodate you and has excellent tapas.