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Apr 17, 2007 12:37 PM

Sunday "starred" prix fixe lunch?

This is my first post, but my husband and I are going to Paris at the end of May, and I have spent hours reading through the many unbelievably helpful posts on this site. I'm hoping that there will be someone who can help me with my newest dilemma! We will be there for 4 1/2 days over a weekend, and our plan was/is to do one major blow-out (Michelin) lunch, and spend the rest of our meals with all of the wonderful unstarred recommendations I have found here (Comptoir, Aux Lyonnais, Mon Vieil Ami, picnics, L'as du Falafel, etc.). We had FINALLY decided on Taillevant for lunch on Monday before leaving the next day, but apparantly it is closed for Whit Monday! I'm afraid that that is going to be the case for several other places, and have therefore decided to move our big lunch to Sunday instead. Of course this raises the question of which of the starred restaurants are open Sunday. And if I wasn't being difficult enough, I would also love to know which of those have worth-while/reasonable prix fixe lunches along the lines of Taillevant! In terms of taste-- food is the most important thing, but I guess it does not have to be ABSOLUTE perfection if the ambience is good enough to make up for it. Also, while I will go anywhere, hubby is less a fan of the more modern, cutting edge fare that it seems like we would find at Pierre Gagnaire and the like. Lastly, if anyone knows that Taillevant is the exception, and most places will not be closed on that Monday (Memorial day, US), that information would be very much appreciated too!!! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Memorial Day is a US Holiday... I wouldn't think that would affect France. hmmm WHAT is "Whit Monday?"

    Many starred (and other) restaurants are closed both Saturday and Sunday, A Michelin red guide will help you sort those out.

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      Of course! I was just giving guidance as to what weekend we would be there from a more familiar perspective. Whit Monday is the holiday celebrated after Pentecost (also known as Hi Monday). Any idea as to whether that will affect much of Paris?

    2. Most of the major hotels have Michelin starred restaurants and they are all open on Sundays. They all have prix-fixe luncheon menus at prices near that of Taillevant. However because it is Sunday they may not offer their regular prix-fixe menu; I know some offer brunch menus that day. The Michelin red guide has an extensive list of those open on Sunday, as does Zagat.

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        Thank you! Any thoughts on lunch at Le Cinq?

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          I highly recommend the starred Le Céladon which becomes Le Petit Céladon on weekends. 3 course lunch with a bottle of wine for two and coffee 51€/person.
          It's located at 15, Rue Daunou, 2nd arr. (near Opera Garnier). Reservation a must.

          PS: Whit Monday is a public holiday in most European countries. Shops, banks, etc. will be closed. Shops on the Champs Elysées, in the Marais and on Rue de Rivoli are most likely open.

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            My dinner at Le Cinq couple years ago was good but not on par with some of the best of Paris such as L'Ambrosie, Arpege or Pierre Gagnaire. The food was more correct than inspired. Besides Le Cinq, Le Bristol and Le Pre Catalan might be open for Sunday lunch. My experience with the prix fixed lunches of starred restaurants have been mixed. Pierre Gagnaire being the exception, the food rarely attained the level of their regular menu, though I have never received less than excellent service.

        2. Although, not a three star --it has 2 stars, I believe that Senderens on the Place de Madeleine is open on Sundays. They still do inspired wine parings.