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Best Breakfast in NDG, Westmount area????????

Best Breakfast in NDG, Westmount area?????????

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      agreed, but only so long as by best breakfast the OP meant "heart attack on a plate".

    2. As a restaurant-breakfast addict in NDG, my faves are:

      Cosmos (Sherbrooke & Draper) - For delicious, rich potatoes (or pa-TA-tes, in Cosmos parlance), every kind of toast under the sun (challah, rye, pumpernickel, bagel, marble rye, black russian, onion kimmel, etc.) and unbeatable NDG greasy-spoon atmosphere. Not for the faint of heart (pun intended): the meat-filled gigantic mish-mash omelette and the "creation" sandwich. Different vibe depending on who's cooking, daughter Nicky, dad Tony, or son Nick. Only about 10 seats, so not good for large groups unless it's nice out and the tables are out front.

      Benedicts (Monkland & Royal) - reliably decent breakfasts of all types, including crepes, eggs benedict (of course!) & combos of all sorts

      Also recommended: Café Orange & Mesquite (both Decarie near NDG Blvd.), B&M's Sherbrooke location (almost across the street from Cosmos) - check opening hours because they're not usually open early as it's mostly a takeout & lunch spot. Try the "scrambles" - scrambled eggs w/various additions, like red & green peppers, or zucchini & eggplant.

      So-so: B&M's Somerled & Grand location (service & food never been great on my several visits), Chez Cora (St-Jacques & Cavendish) - OK breakfast, same as you'd get at any other location of this chain. There's also the St-Viateur Bagel resto on Monkland (near Melrose, I think?) but I've only been there once.


      1. We also like Tutti Fruitti on Ste. CAtherine ST. just opposite Alexis Nihon Plaza but it is a chain operation like Chez Cora.

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          What about waffles???? The big ones?????

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            There's a "Toi Moi et Cafe" on Notre Dame at Atwater, which isn't too far out of Westmount (just before the market). I believe they have waffles. I haven't been to that location, only the Outremont one, but I assume they have the same menu.

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              Just had the waffle at this spot last weekend. Large and deep-textured, served with melon, pineapple and pomegranate. Service very relaxed, to the point of going up to the counter to force payment on them!

        2. I have been to Benedicts a few times and the food and service is pretty good.
          I would say in the area it's probably the best place.

          I went once to St Viateur Bagel and everything is on a bagel.

          If you want just regular Eggs Benedict etc, you are out of luck.

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            Thanks for the info, also are any of these places open late for breakfast?? i.e; after 11:00am?

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              Cosmos is open til 6 or 7 pm. Benedict's serves breakfast til 4. B&M on Sherbrooke only opens around 11, not sure when they stop serving breakfast. Café Orange serves breakfast all day as well.

              Forgot to mention Picasso on St-Jacques west of Cavendish as another option....

          2. If you want a pretty good breakfast, try Burgers & Benedicts in the old Forum, Atwater side. They do breaky until 4 pm. Any place that does not charge for maple syrup (the real stuff) jumps to near top of the list. Also decent is Miso, where the old McDonalds used to be corner Ste-Catherine & Atwater. I've been to every restaurant listed on this topic & I can't find anything nice to say about any of the places so I won't comment further.

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              In this neighbourhood (just east of the Old Forum) there is Resto Cafe Oxford: 2170 Ste-Catherine West. They do an interesting take on Eggs Benedict: a sturdy but tasty home-made hollandaise sauce, a healthy dose of cayenne pepper, a slice of gruyere, ham, real poached eggs (of course) and lots and lots of seasoned cubed potatoes. It has a nice neighborhood feel to the place; one forgets one is actually downtown. Service was attentive and friendly on Easter Sunday morning when I visited. More homy than gourmet. I think they have another place on Sherbrooke in NDG too, but I have never been there.

              I think Miso only does breakfast weekends 11:30 to 3. I think I prefer Oxford's Eggs Benedict to theirs.

            2. The best breakfast place in NDG is hands down BENEDICTS on Monkland. The others just don't offer the same quality. The rest of them just want to be like them by copying their menu, especially burgers and benedicts that place is such a rip off of Benedicts on Monkland. I would never waste my time at any other place except for Cosmos on sherbrooke, but alas they only have 10 spots at the counter.

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                actually, burgers and benedicts used to be eggspectation™ and the menu is the same as the former one, but with different names for the meals.

              2. -Cosmos is probably the best greasy spoon breakfast in the city (I have the record for the most food consumed at a single sitting) but be warned that it is run down beyond words and only the "terrace" (sidewalk) would be suitable for kids, if that is an issue.
                -Benedicts has good food except ironically for the truly awful eggs Benedict (what is that disgusting sauce?) and the awful coffee, which is why I never go.
                -B&M on Somerled is actually quite good. Huge selection. Omelets, hash browns, waffles are very good, portions are huge. Service can be indifferent.
                -Speaking of huge portions, Agora on Somerled was highly recommended to me but I haven't tried it yet.
                -St-Viateur Bagel on Monland is pretty good but too crowded and limited menu choices.
                -Tutti Frutti across from the old Forum is to be avoided at all costs. Like a bad cafeteria.
                -If in that neighborhood, Burgers&Benedicts is a much better choice: decent food, huge menu, good and fast service.

                1. Tried Benedicts before and I always love it. Cosmos was a little too small for me but I did like the choices of breads. B&M was good except for the screaming going on in the back??? Whats up with that? Thanks for all the help and my next try will be orange on Decarie. (I can't stand those big box breakfast places; Chez rip you off and Tutti Crappy)