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Apr 17, 2007 11:59 AM

white asparagus in northern Germany now?

I'm hoping it's white asparagus season. Is it? Any recommendations for what kinds of white asparagus dishes are best to order?

Also, if anyone has specific recs on restaurants in Kiel, Germany, that would do a particularly nice job with white asparagus, I'd love to hear them.

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  1. I'm in central Germany, and the spargel stands are opening up. I am personally not a fan of white asparagus... so I prefer it when served with a gallon of hollandais sauce!

    1. When you have the finest German spargel, clarified butter is all you need. But do try all the preps, some places will have a whole meal: soup, cold as a salad, and hot (e.g., with ham and hollandaise).

      1. Interesting: one German asparagus producer installed underground heating vents to get a two week jump on the market.

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          The kick-off of asparagus season is regulated by the local authorities, so would that be for export only or a negotiating point?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Saw that news bit on internationally aired German news. It was for sales in Germany. It was a big investment for the farmer.

        2. season is depending on the weather - and currently it is great and unusual warm. Enjoy the white asparagus with simple boiled potatoes and melted butter or sauce hollandaise. If you need meat, have some Holsteiner Schinken, a mild smoked ham of superior quality. I grew up in that area, and at this time of the year I really get homesick.

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            I had my white asparagus feast last week at Louf, on the water in Kiel. The white asparagus was perfectly cooked (unlike the overcooked, soggy asparagus I had at a group dinner at the Kieler Yacht Club hotel restaurant two nights later), and it paired nicely with the thickly cut ham.