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Apr 17, 2007 11:42 AM

Sunday brunch in Westchester?

Looking for a nice place to take my mom for her birthday for Sunday brunch. Any recommendations in Westchester?

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  1. The Tulip Tree in the Rye Town Hilton has a very nice buffet. Were you looking for a particular area in Westchester?

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    1. re: GIOny

      Ruby's Oyster Bar on Purchase Street in Rye has a nice brunch menu. Same for Scarborough Fair in Bronxville (although I confess I have not been there in a while).

      Crowne Plaza in WP has a nice, although not cheap, brunch. Zanaro's on Mamaroneck Ave. does brunch. So does Spiga on Central Ave.

      If you do a search you will see a lot of previous threads on this very topic.

      Has anyone tried Whitby Castle for brunch since it was sold by Restaurant Associates?

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        Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont is very cute. They just redid the whole restaurant and it looks great.

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          We liked Watercolor for dinner but I have to say I think the brunch prices are out of line with everything at least $15.95 and most higher including the frittatas, french toast and plain old eggs benedict.

          1. re: laylag

            I *think* their brunch is prix fixed. As in you get unlimited coffee or tea, a cocktail, muffins, side of hasbrowns and fruit for the price listed. You may want to double check however. I've always found it to be reasonable.

    2. The Kittle House in Chappaqua puts out a lovely spread for brunch and it is pretty reasonable--the food is fresh and they include local cheeses, etc. We were there last Sunday for a birthday brunch and it was wonderful.

      1. Westchester's bigger than you think... any geographic preferences?


        1. We love Bloom in Hastings for brunch. It's a new organic eatery. The food is fresh and tasty. It's original, but doesn't stray too far from the basics. The chef's wife is a pastry chef- not sure if she actually makes the pastries but dang, the bread basket is unmissable, even when I'm trying to avoid sweets. :)

          decor is lovely too. Could be a nice, quiet choice compared with the big buffet places.

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          1. re: The Pie Queen

            I second this, it's a wonderful bargain considering the care and attention of the flavors and presentation. The prices are a steal.

          2. Not technically in Westchester, but could be close depending on where you're coming from - the Greenwich Hyatt has a nice brunch. Pricey, though.