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Apr 17, 2007 11:20 AM

Where can I find some Korean fried chicken up in here?


Reading groceryguy's blog has gotten me hungry for some KFC (Korean Fried Chicken.) Apparently it's the best fried chicken you could possibly imagine. Unfortunately though since he's from NYC he doesn't offer any recommendations that would help me out.

Anyway, anyone know where I can get what I so dearly crave? I live at yonge/sheppard, so the closer to there the better. I figure there must be something a bit north, since it's a huge korean neighbourhood and all.

Thanks :-)

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  1. And then the newb found the search box, and all was good.

    1. there was a previous discussion on this topic -- i don't think the KFC you are hankering for is available here but there is another type:

      there's also a few places that do something call "Bul Dak" which is literally "Fire Chicken", I think there are places on bloor, east of christie that advertise this on their signage...

      good luck and please share your finds!

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      1. re: berbere

        There is a Korean fried chicken place (I think it's called Ajuker chicken) on Bloor Street. It's on the north side of Bloor and I think it's about 4 doors east of Tacos El Asador (if I recall correctly). Unfortunately, the place itself is nothing to write home about -- flourescent lights and not all that attractive, but the chicken is delish. Very light crispy batter and quite inexpensive. Recommended.

        1. re: mickeyj

          There is also an Ajuker chicken place in a plaza on Yonge St north of Steeles...I think on Glen Cameron. The place is TIIINY... I've only been there once, but there are maybe 4 tables, so I guess, just like the downtown location, it's nothing to see. The chicken is made fresh to order though. He fried it up when we ordered and we had to wait about 10 minutes to get it. You can get it plain or with some special sauce. The sauce is actually pretty good.
          I'm not sure what mickeyj means by quite inexpensive, but i agree that it is delicious :) Sorry I can't remember the exact prices, but i remember it came up to 10 bucks for about 10 small wings.

          1. re: sumashi

            Also right across the same parking lot from Ajuker in Thornhill is another little restaurant called House of Hot Taste that serves up a lot of KFC. Clientele there at lunch was mostly younger kids.

            As their name suggests, they do a lot of the spicy sauce, but also have some non-spicy as well. I tried the sweet sauce fried chicken (1/2 bird)... the waiter said it was his favorite, but it was nothing special. Maybe Ajuker (the take out one) is better?

            Is it good because it's double-deep fried?

            1. re: Royaljelly

              I think that's the secret to their fried chicken... double-deep fried! My guess is that they do it at really high heat and do it twice with a cooling period in between so that it doesn't burn....?

              I had the half/half... with sauce and without. The skin stayed crunchy, even under the sweet spicy sauce, It also didn't taste incredibly oily if I remember right...

            2. re: sumashi

              Ajuker chicken on Bloor cost about $10 for a box of chicken (that the woman also made up fresh to order). The box included 6 or 7 pieces of chicken that 2 of us shared.

        2. I just read a review of Korean Fried Chicken on the blog below, he mentioned the NY times article too.


          Thanks for the info, I came here first looking for where a KFC restaurant would be in Toronto. The internet is great.....I'm hungry.