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Apr 17, 2007 11:19 AM

Maui Food

I'm going back to Maui in a couple of months and need to know about this place.

We were in Maui a couple of years ago and drove inland, to Paia, to eat at a well-known restaurant which happened to be closed. We were disappointed and hungry but explored the few shops in the area. We heard the owner of one of the stores tell her salesperson she was going around the corner for lunch. We asked the girl what was around the corner. She sent us to a nondescript, unadvertised, hole in the wall place with mismatched chairs and a limited menu. BUT, wow! The entire menu consisted of crepes with maybe 8 different fillings, savory or sweet and about as many different smoothies, all made with fresh local ingredients. I had a ratatouille crepe and a papaya,mango, ginger smoothie. One of the best and most satisfying meals I've ever had. That meal was so good we drove the 40 miles from our hotel to eat the same meal the next day. The owner was a young Frenchman married to a local Islander.

Will someone please tell me the name of this place, if it's still there and why it isn't touted all over the board?

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  1. I Googled "crepes" and "Paia" and came up with Cafe Des Amis at 42 Baldwin Road, half a block from the main intersection of Paia (Hana Highway). Phone 579-6323 - maybe that's what you're looking for.

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      thanks for the info..going to Maui in 2 1/2 weeks...first stop will be Mama's fish house... we'll stop by this place for more dessert!

    2. It is indeed Cafe Des Amis. We eat here atleast 2x a week, sometimes for breakfast as well. I love the beef curry (they have chicken & shrimp as well), the mediterranean platter which is a huge serving of hummus, minty tzatziki, olives, salad, roast vegetables & pita slices and big enuf for two. They have good, strong coffee too. Friday night is the busiest, often have to wait in line outside - that's how good this place is. They recently got their liquor license, BYOB prior.

      1. Cafe des Amis it is indeed - one of our favorite go-to's in Paia for lunch. My wife, who grew up in Paia, loves the crepes and I can't get enough of the Mediterranean platter. David