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Apr 17, 2007 11:18 AM

Best way to reheat leftover meatloaf?

I have half an unsliced meatloaf left & want to reheat it for dinner. Should I nuke it? Or can I put it in the oven without overcooking it? If so, at what temp & how long? Or is there another method? Advice, please...

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  1. nuking should be fine. It's not as if you need to keep it crisp or anything.

    1. My favorite way is to slice it and sauté the slices. Having a nice fried brown coat does good things to the flavor. As an alternative, I might lay the slices in a gratin dish with a sauce spread over them, perhaps a brown gravy, sometimes my mom's meatloaf-topping of ketchup with horseradish and a bit of Worcestershire, and reheat in the oven that way. Of course, my meatloaf is made to slice like lunch meat - if yours is more like a paté or pudding, as some prefer it, then leaving it whole and zapping it or fifteen minutes in a hot oven would both work well.

      1. I'd slice it and nuke the slices. You could put a couple slices on a plate at a time. It will cook a bit evenly, and you won't have a burning-hot outside with an ice cold middle.