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Apr 17, 2007 11:11 AM

Tahsin Market Closing

To all the folks in my neighbourhood, Tahsin Market, a Turkish grocer on the Danforth, will be closing in about three weeks. The owners are moving to Mississauga to open a factory making turkish meat products (sausages) etc. They seem tired of the import business.

So stock up if you use these guys. Personally, I recommend the Taris EVOO, which is half the price of comparable italian oils.

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  1. I walked past today and noticed the sign, and was going to post here but see you already have. I only dropped in there about 5 times in the last year but I'll miss the place. There are some good deals on items that they are clearing out. When I asked when they are closing, she said mid-June.

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      they are still winding down, if anybody is interested..the place looks pretty empty but they are open and sign read 60 % off.