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Charlottesville dinner during UVA graduation weekend???

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Hey, all:

I'm looking for a good place in the Charlottesville area (within 15-20 minutes of C-ville) where we might still be able to get a table during UVA's graduation weekend (May 20-21). It doesn't need to be fancy, just delicious, and should be able to accommodate a group of around 12. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The most popular places might be booked, but you can still try. Here are some of the good ones that are large enough to fit your party:

    Shebeen (South African): http://www.shebeenpub.com
    Zocalo (Latin-inspired): http://www.zocalo-restaurant.com
    C&O (American French): http://www.candorestaurant.com
    Downtown Grill (Steak and Seafood) http://www.downtowngrille.com
    South Street Brewery (Great Beer. Great burgers & ribs): 434-293-6550

    There's also a new place that hasn't opened yet: MAYA. I don't have contact info, but the chef is the former chef at Clifton Inn and I'm sure it will be great.

    1. Dear Surrys,

      I am writing to inquire what night you are looking for a dinner reservation graduation weekend. I am have an option for you.