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The E&E Cafe

Sometime ago I read about The E&E Cafe in Northridge (Japanese food). I will be in the area this afternoon and will like to try it.
Anything you can tell me about it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ; )

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  1. Try the udon, then go downstairs and visit the extremely cool E&E minimart--- it's the _real _counterpoint to Famima fake.

    1. You've probably already gone since this is 2 days later, but I thought I'd reply anyway! I went there just once (unfortunately), but really enjoyed the nabeyaki udon. I've also heard good things about their chicken curry. What did you have and what did you think? :)

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        I didn't make it this past Tuesday, but will try next Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes.
        Thanks for the recommendations.

      2. i usually get the pork cutlet curry and i pay extra for spicy level 9...however...i heard that they will be closing soon because one of the owners or something is getting married and moving out of town...but if you do go and it's still open...they are taking sign ups for a cookbook that they might be putting out...

        actually i think they'll be closing this saturday?? but not positive

        1. It is a little hard to find. Look for Panda Express and go up the stairs, past the boba place. It is next door.

          I love their Japanese curry. It comes with all kinds of tiny condiments to flavor as you like.

          1. yep...they will be closed for good as of tomorrow...i will definitely miss them and their curry!

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              Crap. So much for my 2 for 1 cupon!

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                They closed for good???
                We used to go there on first fridays of the month to get 50%off curry when we were a student at CSUN about 8 years ago. Sad to find out those 2 sisters closing such a fabulous restaurant.... reminded me of food back home in Japan.

            2. I am very sad I never got to try EE Cafe, I wish I had known about it before. I went the following week after posting the above, and yes, it was closed, and yes forever : (.
              I was really looking forward to eat at this place, since I have been looking for a homecooking place.
              A short story, why I was so interested in EE Cafe.
              Few years back we used to have a very nice, little Japanese Restaurant in SCV, the cook a very nice and friendly Japanese lady, about 70 yrs old, did all the cooking, not just sushi, but great hot dishes, all made to order, we used to go every week on Saturday evenings, always busy, long waits, but so worth it. One Saturday we were there as usual and the place was closed, strange we thought, no sign at the door or anything, we kept going back often to check, but still closed, I kept thinking she was ill. Few months later we saw the waitress at the supermarket, there was only one waitress that worked there, we asked her what had happened. Well, she told us that our dear Japanese chef got very ill, she stayed at the hospital for a while until she passed away.
              It was very sad to know, but at least we knew what had happened. All in all we considered ourselves very lucky because we got to meet her, and eat her delicious cooking. We still miss her.
              I thought that EE Cafe would bring some memories of the great meals we ate at TK.

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                You might not have missed anything. he place had a very small menu. Only thing i can rememeber are Curry and Cold Noodle dishes, i don't remmeber them having any ramen, udon, or sushi