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Apr 17, 2007 10:53 AM

Weekday brunch spots in Brooklyn?

Hey, anybody have a suggestion for a weekday brunch spot in Brooklyn? Preferably Smith Street area or somewhere near downtown Brooklyn and the court houses. This would be for about 8 people, celebratory (doesn't have to be fancy), late morning. Thanks much.

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  1. What about Miriam (formerly Hill Diner) on Court Street? They get pretty crowded on weekends, but weekdays should be OK for a party of 8, I would think. Mediterranean style but simple brunch fare, and there is a bar so you could get mimosas, bloody marys, etc. I find service to be spotty, but again, I only go on weekends when they get mobbed. Enjoy your celebration ! :)

    1. Café LULUc has a wide range of breakfast/lunch items, and though busy it's rarely crowded on a weekday. Along the same lines (but a little pricier), Bar Tabac is also pretty decent for lunch -- it's more properly lunch than brunch, but they do have omelettes and a good croque monsieur.

      1. It's not downtown, but then again, it's a short ride on the F train: Bar Toto, at 11th St. and 6th Avenue, opens at 11 (I think) on weekdays for lunch and is never crowded. They have brunchier egg dishes, as well as great paninis and pizza. Nice atmosphere and never crowded for lunch.