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Apr 17, 2007 10:45 AM

Mobile/ caterer ice cream or dessert- FUN

Anyone know of a mobile catering ice cream or dessert business? I need one for a birthday party. It needs to be something fun...

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  1. dandy don ice cream , orange county great ice cream carts

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    1. re: petangerie

      I agree with this. Dandy Don has done a couple of ice cream socials for our company, and everyone has always enjoyed it.

    2. also moving till middle of May do a great dessert set up pricey though


        1. How funny.... as I walked by Pinkberry on Sawtelle the other day, I was thinking that they could easily start a mobile froyo biz. With that catchy tune they now have on their website and a cute truck that's painted lime green/pink/white, how cute would that be?

          1. Only one place to go - - google Heartschallenger. Fantastic old fashioned ice cream truck (painted in the coolest way) but filled w/ the most imaginative ice cream and candy treats (i.e. Japanese, old fashioned i.c. bars) It's really great - so great the owner is expanding to New York this summer.

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            1. re: mrpullings

              I have emailed and called Heartschallenger about 50 times...and NO response...

              1. re: chowesq

                I know the owner has been in NY (not that that's an excuse). If I get additional contact info, I'll post it here.