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Apr 17, 2007 10:38 AM

Best ribs in Seattle?

I just went to Joanna's Soul Cafe and Jazz Club at 25th and Cherry in the CD last night with my husband and in-laws, and my husband proclaimed the ribs possibly the best he's ever had! His family is from Georgia and he once toured Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, trying out BBQ restaurants for Lonely Planet, so he's no novice. He claimed the ribs to be tender and moist, just the right amount of spicy and sweet. The restaurant says they serve St. Louis style BBQ. The rest of the food was great too--delicious candied yams and a huge portion of jumbalaya that doesn't skimp on the spicy sausage and succulent chicken. I regret I couldn't try the chicken and waffles and sweet potato pie. So I'm curious--are there any differing opinions out there? Are these really the best ribs in Seattle, or ever?

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  1. I am going to have to try it and report back asap.

    1. I went about 6 months ago with our weekly "try a new resturant with the neighbors night". I had the fried chicken, very good. My fiancee had the catfish, I don't like catfish and can't judge wether it was good or bad, but it must have been river cat cause it smelled fishy, not like the farm raised stuff. She couldn't eat it. We also had the fried corn app, pretty tasty and interesting. As far as i remember everyone really liked their meal except my fiancee....

      1. i don't know about the best ribs but the best bbq sauce to go to ribs is sweet baby ray's and you can get it at costco, it is really good