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Apr 17, 2007 10:36 AM

Good eats in N. County SD?

I know a lot of places in south San Diego but dont know any in north county. Are there any "cant miss "places that i should go and check out?

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  1. What do you consider North County? Inland or Coastal? There's a couple of good threads on Scripps Ranch and Escondido that were going on recently.

    El Bizcocho and Cavaillon seem to be the highly rated ones around here. El Bizcocho is in RB and Cavaillon is right off the 56.

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    1. re: leanneabe

      honestly i dont know anything above garnett exit of the freeway. im pretty new to the area and thats where i get off the freeway. i know a lot of places between there and downtown (gaslamp) but thats about it.

      1. re: carln

        Have you been able to check out Convoy Street? Taking the 52 east from 5 North will get you to the Clairemont/Kearny Mesa area and some of my favorite places to eat are on Convoy Street. You've got:

        Bu Ga for Korean BBQ (this is actually on Clairemont St, not Convoy, but same area)
        Chopsticks for udon, curries, noodles
        Emerald or Jasmine for dim sum (I'm an Emerald fan)
        O'Briens for beer and garlic fries (but really for beer)
        Yogurt World (next to O'Briens for a tasty dessert)

    2. Panaderia Ortiz #1 & #2 [Escondido & Vista]
      Fiesta Oaxaquena [Escondido]
      La Especial del Norte [Encintas]
      Bety's [Encinitas]
      YuMeYa [Leucadia]
      Senor Baja [Temecula]
      La Cocina de Maria [Escondido]
      French Bakery [Escondido]
      Hunan [Rancho Bernardo]
      Armenian Cafe [Carlsbad]
      Fishhouse Veracruz [Calrs, San Marcos, Temecula]
      Juanitas [Leucadia & Vista]
      Tortilleria Los Reyes [Vista - weekend only]

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        I'll add to your list kare!
        Karina's - (ceviche) Encinitas
        Las Olas - (roasted relleno's) Cardiff
        Kaito - (sushi) Encinitas
        Jorge's Mexican Food - (takeout) Encinitas
        Pizzicato - (Pizza) - Encinitas

        1. re: Pablo

          Teri Cafe
          India Princess
          King's Fish House
          The French Bakery (carlsbad)
          Beach Break Cafe
          Pho Lucky
          Danish Bakery in Carlsbad
          El Callejon (the one in vista village - note: hit or miss, but hit is a good hit)

          1. re: Jeters

            Hey Jeters - where is the Danish Bakery & what do you reccomend?

            1. re: kare_raisu

              it's on roosevelt I believe, down in carlsbad village about a block north of carlsbad village drive, in a strip mall on the left.

              they close fairly early so be warned..
              everything there is good, but I love the cinnimon snails!

              1. re: Jeters

                The Danish's (D'oh!) really are great. They do good Birthday cakes as well, we're picking one up on Friday.

      2. I don't live in North County, but these are places I would travel for -

        Chuao Chocolate, a local artisan chocolatier - shops in Encinitas, Del Mar and Carlsbad (also UTC)
        Chino Farms fruit and vegetable stand in Rancho Santa Fe
        Cafe Zinc in Solana Beach - breakfast and lunch only
        Asia Vous in Escondido
        the Wild Note at the Belly Up in Solana Beach (but we usually go to Chief's Burgers down the street before a show.)
        Market in Del Mar

        I've also heard good things about Cavaillon and El Bizcocho, but have not been yet. La Bastide Bistro in Poway was pretty good, and I am looking forward to trying Blanca in a couple of weeks. I have not tried Addison yet but it is also much talked about (very pricey fine dining).

        1. Trattoria Positano in Solana Beach is a favorite of ours. Island Brothers Teriyaki is, IMO, the best teriyaki in San Diego (but obviously we're not a teriyaki town). Their marinade adds great depth of flavor, and they give you a bit of char on the meat. They are in San Marcos and Encinitas.

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          1. re: maestra

            Thanks you guys. I appreciate all the tips. I have a nice list to start exploring.

          2. I highly recommend Chuao not only for chocolates but even more for their desserts which for some reason they don't advertise. They are the best desserts I have had in North County and rival or exceed the onces I've had at fine dining restaurants without the high cost. They have their bakery at their Encinitas Location in the Lumberyard with a couple of tables inside and a great outside courtyard for sunny days.