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Apr 17, 2007 10:33 AM

Are there any good eats in TJ?

I have a place in SD and often cross the border to TJ. Are there any restaurants down there that you recommend? Obviously mexican restaurants are top of the list, but it doesnt have to be limited to mexican.


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  1. la diferencia; cien anos; can't recall the name of it but look into the small place in valle guadalupe

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      The place in Valle de Guadalupe is called Laja. There are other posts about it on this board.

      If you're in the mood for the world's best tacos, go to Tacos El Güero on Blvd Aguascalientes. Truly, truly, you will bow down in awe.

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        Laja! thx. although its been a while since I've visited, how about carnitas uruapan?

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          Like you, I haven't visited Carnitas Uruapan for a while--too long to make a recommendation. One of the San Diego crowd will probably come over here and post something, though.

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            I was at Uruapan last year. It's still legit.

            I think Cien Años is a scam. All show, no substance. I haven't been to any of the other high-end places in TJ, but for my money the best food is the al pastor tacos you can get at any taco stand. There isn't one place that truly replicates them in San Diego. Cantina de los Remedios also has good food. Try one of their piping-hot molcajetes, for example.

            Manzanilla (Ensenada) is spectacular -- the best food I've had in the Northern Baja-San Diego area. I haven't been to Laja yet but plan to soon.

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              gotta say that I had an excellent lunch there a couple of months ago. it may have helped that I was with a friend from LA Cetto who was quite friendly with the owner and the chef. we ended up doing a chef's tasting type of off the menu thing. brought my own wine which I tend to do when going to TJ for such a meal.

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                Good call on bringing your own wine. Although I love visiting the Baja wineries, with a few exceptions the wine is pretty bad.

                Where did you have the good lunch?

      2. In TJ, La Querencia (reviewed in the NY Times).

        In the Guadalupe Valley on Hwy 3, the destination restaurants are Laja and Adobe Guadalupe, but you must make reservations.

        1. There are several places that I've read good things about - all are located in the Zona Rio of TJ.

          El Potrero (Have actually eaten here several times. Their Molcajete Potrero is a MUST try!)
          La Espadana (Nice ambience, fabulous grilled meats & seafood)
          Villa Saverios (Italian)
          Laja (alta cocina - Guadalupe Valley)
          La Casa del Mole Poblano (fantastic mole dishes)
          Cheripan (Argentinean cusine; tapas; wine)
          Rincon San Roman (Mexican-French fusion) On the Tijuana-Ensenada Hwy (few miles away from center of TJ, but not far).

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            There is also a little place... almost never mentioned, right in Plaza Rio Tijuana called Antojitos Poblanos that has some very tasty Moles, Soups & other dishes, very reasonably priced.