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Apr 17, 2007 10:24 AM

affordable special ocassion dining in chico area?


just wanted to know if anyone knew of any special ocassion dining in the chico area? i don't know many details about the event, but i believe that the celebration may be in the afternoon or for an early dinner. it's in the next few months... i think there will be about 15 people.... i'm not familiar with that area AT ALL =) thanks!

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  1. I'm a Chico alumni (many moon ago), but I'll admit my special-ocassion dining was limited then. Been back a few times, and the downtown has some nice places. Try for some ideas, and make sure to stop into "The Bear" (Madison Bear Garden) for a burger and atmosphere. Good luck!

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      Duh, forgot....try the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Good Dining Room, Great selection. Never could afford it in college....

    2. I haven't tried it, but we heard about the Red Tavern in Chico from the owner of Bay Wolf in Oakland. Some friends of his own it. I've heard good reviews from a few friends as well. Good luck.

      1. I would also suggest The Red Tavern. It definitely has the best food and service in Chico. On a nice day or evening you can sit out on their patio, which would make it easier for your group to visit. I feel their food is very reasonable for the quality and the service they provide. Their wine list is terrific and they try to use mostly local food products.

        1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYONE =) I WILL BE SURE TO PASS THIS INFORMATION ALONG =) i'm so glad we're not going to be limited to in and out and other fast food/chain establishments =)

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            For snacks, try some of the taco trucks along the Esplanade (ess-plan-aide) a few blocks north of downtown; also try Cohasset, north from downtown. There is also one on the main street south of downtown, just where the highway (not 99 freeway)leaves town to go south.

            If you want a quick burger, try any of the Burger Hut locations (caveat: distant relative by marriage) they beat the chains all to heck. Basque Norte (Esplanade, north of East Av--out towards the airport) serves some wicked lamb Old-time-vibe dinner house, but nice food. S&S produce has a nice meat and fish market and serves tri-tip, chickens, etc ready to eat. Very good.

            If you need to shop, Chico Nat'l Foods downtown has good organic produce and dairy, great whole breads. Chico Coffee Roasters right on East Ave near Mervyn's and Trader Joes has wonderful coffee. Great ice cream shop just a block east and over one block from Chico Nat'l foods--old fashioned soda fountain.

            Have a great time--and bring earplugs--Chico is a noisy town.

          2. IMO Schubert's Ice Cream on 7th & Main Streets, Basque Norte and Red Tavern are all excellent.