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Apr 17, 2007 09:55 AM

Palm Springs, Palm Desert, etc...reccs?

I'm heading to Palm Springs over Memorial Day weekend with another couple and will be staying at the Parker. Happy to drive a bit for a good meal as well, so Palm Springs proper is not a necessity. We're coming from San Francisco and New York City so we have plenty of fancy places to eat it at all the time in our home cities. However, we'd love some ideas on where to find some hidden gems (maybe dive Mexican places?) or anything else that may be interesting. Basically we're looking for great food of all types!. Budget not an issue, but would prefer only one or two expensive places. What's fun, funky, and delicious? We're there for 5 days so recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks are all welcome....Thanks in advance-

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  1. i was in palm desert a few weeks ago. here's where we had dinners.
    johannes, in palm springs: austrian/cosmopolitan cuisine. really delicious, good service.
    sullivan's steakhouse, palm desert: busy, noisy, bustling but still charming steakhouse. jazz trio plays in the bar. good wine list, great service and food.
    copley's, on palm canyon in palm springs: a real gem. awesome patio, upscale comfort food. this is the former estate of cary grant.
    zin, palm springs: american fare, great wine list right in the middle of town. love the fried chicken!
    norma's @ the parker: overpriced and not too inspringing. i had a $22 quesadilla!
    i would suggest the buffet at the jw marriott, you won't need to eat to eat dinner after it.

    1. I highly recommend Blend in La Quinta. Had a fantastic 7-course tasting menue (I have to write a short summary in the next days).
      Their webpage isn't working today but check it in the next days.

      Matchbox in Palm Springs is nice for good pizza.:

      1. Cheaper places than those mentioned so far

        Authentic Mexican
        El Gallito in Cathedral City

        NY Deli
        Manhattan in the Desert in Palm Springs

        Decent Breakfast/Lunch
        The Rock Garden in Palm Springs

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          El Gallito and the Manhattan in the Desert were great recomendations but I didnt have such a good experience at the Rock Garden Cafe...

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            Was The Rock Garden a joke? Sorry but it is awful!! Maybe I just don't like to spend money on "decent".

        2. Had dinner at Blend in La Quinta tonight. Definitely worth the drive. Fusion One 11 is fun – tapas but nice. Don’t miss Zin in Palm Springs for great food and an awesome wine list.

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            My family lives there and we often eat out. Here's a couple of our favs to add to the bunch. (I used to live there)

            Inexpensive yet yummy fish. Great for lunch or dinner. Very casual -
            www. There's two places. One in Palm Springs and one in Palm Desert (next to Trader Joe's
            ) In the "Rivers" shopping area -which is a must in the evening esp. There's also a Cheesecake Factory there with very nice outdoor patio -expect to wait most anytime of the day. Omri & Boni 47474 Washington St
            La Quinta Phone: (760) 777-1315 Happy Hour 4:00 to 5:30 - Closed Tuesday; French Corner Café 72-423 Highway 111 Palm Desert 760-568-5362 Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (in the Crossings shopping center
            )And, my personal favorite: Wally's Desert Turtle

            For fun food tasting and great casual take away: Bristol Farms. Monterey and Country Club Drive in the Monterey shopping plaza. Can't miss it. Don't miss it. You'll be sorry if you do.

            Then for late afternoon drinks/evening music: La Quinta Resort. Another don't miss place Beautiful!!! Sit outside and listen to the Peruvian Andes music. And last, another hotel you should visit: The Marriott Palm Desert on Country Club. Take a boat ride through the hotel. Food at the various places isn't anything to write home about but, the boat ride is! Have a great time. *****It will be very hot from about 9A to well after dark. Drink tons of water and bring good sunscreen!**** :)KQ

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              Firecliff in Palm Desert is our favorite restaurant in the Desert. Wally's is also high on our list. Manhattan in the Desert for Deli food. We like Armando's Mexican on El Paseo. Sit outside and enjoy the sights. Omri & Boni also mentioned above has been closed for months.

          2. I'm from Palm Springs and if your looking for a fun and delicious Mexican Restaurant I would have to recommend Las Casuelas Terraza. They have great food and live entertainment. Its a perfect spot to have drinks and relax in the middle of the downtown life!
            Another place thats really good if your in the mood for a great sandwich or a yummy bakery good is Manhattan in the Desert. They also have breakfast thats really good but I love their deli products!