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Apr 17, 2007 09:54 AM

London Lennies Recs

My sister-in-law wants to go to London Lennie's for her 60th birthday. I've heard the food is just decent. Are there any outstanding dishes? How's the bouillabaisse? How about the raw food, like the shellfish tower? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. the simpler the better -- and daily specials are often the way to go. my experience with the raw food has been limited to cocktails -- crabmeat, shrimp -- that were fresh-tasting, generous, but not remarkable. their lobsters/crab dishes are nice, and i've had (off the regular menu) a loup de mer that was A-plus material. on the other hand, their sauces can be a little heavy handed, particularly anything that has an "ethnic" slant -- the asian-inspired things i've sampled have all been cloying.

    1. i've had their bouillabaisse a few times. it's hit or miss. miss on holidays and primetime saturdays when it was served lukewarm to cold with overcooked fish; a hit at other times when it was chockful of well prepared fish and a tasty broth with big croutons for dipping. they have a good crab louie salad. never had their raw seafood.

      1. I go there about once a month. The chopped salad is very good. The oysters on the half shell or raw clams are always good. The beer choices are vast and they are always well chilled.

        Other than that I would stick to grilled fish. I agree with below post as to the mediocrity of the sauces. There is a tuna appetizer (like a seared sushi grade with a sesame dressing) that is also very good.

        Now that I am writing this (other than the fact I would go because my son likes the chicken tenders) I realize i would just go for raw bar stuff, salads, beer and they do make a good steak as well if you don't want fish. Other than that I would buy my own and cook it at home for way less than they charge.

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          I think London Lennie's is like many other restaurants in this area - overrated and WAY overpriced for the ambience and quality of the food. London Lennie's is particularly bad in this area - it has absolutely NO atmosphere and is so noisy at dinner you can't hear yourself think. We take my mother there for lunch once in a while, as it seems to appeal to an older crowd.