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Apr 17, 2007 09:53 AM

Recommendations for Twin Cities Personal Chef

After cooking for 50+ years my mother declared the "kitchen closed" and expressed her desire to only cook when she felt like it. My father on the other hand still expects meals to be prepared on a daily basis. So, my siblings and I would like to retain a personal chef to cook a few meals a week for our parents thereby releiving my mother of the need to cook every day yet still address my father's appetite.

Can anyone suggest a person chef for the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities? I also welcome comments about what such a service costs.


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    I've had his meals - not personal chef'g, but at parties (dinner, cocktail, corporate) and the like. Good solid chow.

    I also know of another chef in the northern suburbs - but she doesn't have a website & I'm not comfortable posting her email address on a msg board. What is your email address?

    You guys are a great group of kids to get that for your folks!

    1. Are you looking for someone to prepare meals at their home or deliver them "meals on wheels" style?

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        I'm looking for that full service type of thing where the chef does the shopping, cooks at their home, and then cleans up.

      2. If they like grilled cheese sandwiches and polish sausages w/ kraut I'm your guy. I also make a disappointing ceasar salad. All this for a bottle of scotch and a straw.

        Seriously though, I have heard good things from a friend whose wife was infirm for a time about this person:

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          I also recommend Jocelyn at on thetablepc. I have had her food at a couple different events and it is healthy, tasty, and also looks great "on the table"!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I would suggest posting your requirements in a blind ad on craigslist. The more specific you can be about operating parameters, likes and dislikes, and your budget the better.

            A private chef is an hourly or salaried employee ($25 - $100 per hour for high quality) as opposed to a service contractor (personal chef). Private chef food is provided at cost, and the bottom line is heavily influenced by the style of food required (as prepartion and service time varies widely with menu). A personal chef generally has multiple flat fee clients, plans several meals, cooks on site, leaves wrapped and labeled food behind, cleans up completely and thus avoids the cost of operating and maintaining a licensed kitchen. The difference between fresh and reheated food is the compromise. Bootleg operators, cooking out of their own home kitchens and dropping off meals should generally be avoided, unless they have a food handling certificate and are aware of the liability they are risking.

            Perhaps Dad needs cooking lessons.....