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Apr 17, 2007 09:52 AM

joe's shanghai - anything else worth getting besides soup dumplings?

i know joe's is known for excellent soup dumplings, and that the rest of their menu leaves a lot to be desired. however, i was wondering if you any of you have find a diamond in the rough there. i always get the soup dumplings, but was hoping to add something else in on my next visit.

thanks in advance!

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  1. Honestly, nothing is really that impressive at Joe's Shanghai other than the soup dumplings....If you really want to get some entrees, I will suggest the fried whole yellow fish, and the braised pork shoulder. Both very filling so you will need someone to share.

    Scallion Pancakes are ok (pretty standard). Just try to opt for Shanghai food and nothing like Cantonese food.

    1. Joe's was basically my introduction to Shanghai food. Back in 1996, when they first opened in Manhattan, I went week after week and basically had anything on the menu, except for the soup dumplings (okay I tried them but considered them a waste of stomach space compared to the rest) Just about everything I had was amazing (though their Lion's Head was a tad disappointing). I especially liked their seven ways of preparing yellowfish. (I liked the braised the best.)

      I havent been there in years, and maybe things have changed. And of course if NYC had a really good Shanghainese place it would blow Joe's out of the water. That being said, I am one of the few on this board to really like Joe's.

      The review that started it all and brought the Shanghai craze to NYC:

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        Simple but good. I always get their stir fried string beans with pork with an order of soup dumplings.

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          Joe's is also a favorite of mine. The Crab Soup Dumplaing is always great, of course, and I agree that the Stir Fried String Beans with Pork is also great. But try the Shredded Beef w. Geen Bell Peppers - very tasty and a little spicy. I used to always order the Seafood Pan Fried Noodles (very good), but recently the taste and the texture of the noodles has changed - don't like it too much now. Not sure if this is a permanent change or just a fluke.

        2. re: Brian S

          I like Joe's, too. Their crabmeat & pork soup dumplings are my favorite in the city and perhaps this ain't an authentic Shanghianese dish but I do like their kung pao chicken alot, very tasty! I order it everytime. The sea cucumber with dried shrimp is great also but may be too out there for those who have never had that before. The dried sauteed string beans are always a hit amongst my friends. Also, can't go wrong with the Shanghai style noodles. Enjoy!

        3. I really really enjoyed the crispy yellow fish "fingers" with seaweed I had recently. (I'm sure the other preparations of whole fish are delicious, but whole fish give me the willies, but I wanted to try the yellow fish it's also supposed to be a specialty at Joe's.) I added an order of sauteed baby bok choy which was also delicious and garlicky. With those two massive platters and an order of soup dumplings, there was more than enough food for 3-4 people, and we were only 2.

            1. I've only been to the one in Flushing, but they have a shredded beef and hot pepper dish, served with pancakes and hoisin, that I find addictive. It's quite hot, and I can usually count on at least one other person passing their's over to me because of the heat. Because we go with kids, we also sometimes order General Tso's chicken, which I have to say is some of the best I've ever had (tasty, not greasy, not too much batter).

              For a different Shanghai restaurant, try New Green Bo (or Yeah Shanghai, which I haven't tried yet).

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                I also suggest Moon House for Shanghainese. Good sheng qian bao and lion's head meatballs. Their meat dishes are not overly sweet like I found at Yeah Shanghai.

                1. re: spchang

                  agreed the sheng jian bao are very good at moonhouse...try their cold noodle dishes, i like the one with dried tofu

                2. re: LloydG

                  I think I saw a neighboring table get this, and it looked really delicious. Is it just called shredded beef and hot pepper dish, or is there another name for this? I want to get this the next time I go.

                  1. re: Gluttonous Prime

                    I had this dish and it is indeed very good, but spicy. If you ask for shredded beef and hot pepper, they'll know what you're ordering. According to my Chinese friend, if I remember correctly, this dish in Chinese is called "Ching Jiao Yo Se" (not sure if the spelling/pronunciation is accurate).