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Apr 17, 2007 09:46 AM

buy sapodillas in key west?

read that this fruit exist in KW but will I be able to buy it?

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  1. They are hard to find but you could try Waterfront Market. If you do not see them out front, ask one of the clerks to check in back. Flamingo Ice Cream also has sapodilla ice cream sometimes.

    1. If you're driving from Miami you can try Robert is Here in Florida City at the entrance to the Keys.

      1. I'm not sure if the trees down there are fruiting right now, but if you see one in someone's yard, just knock on their door and ask. Robert is Here is another good bet.

        1. I happen to see these in my local Publix in the Tampa Bay area. At $4.99/lb they are a little pricey but worth a try. I've never had one before but after reading a little about them I'll certainly give it a try. Sounds delicious.

          1. chowhound advisors,
            thanks for the tips. it's a delicious tropical fruit and I hope to be able to find it down in KW and update you all on it.