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Apr 17, 2007 09:32 AM

Sushi in Midtown tonight - Sushi Zen, Sushiden, Shimizu, etc?

My dad is in town tonight on business and I want to meet him by his hotel in the 50s for a 8:30 or so dinner. He lives in the Midwest and craves sushi all the time since the rest of my family doesn't like it. What's your favorite place to go of these or others in the neighborhood? Maybe Sushi of Gari West too?

Price is (virtually) no object (prefer <$100 each for food, so no Yasuda) and I'm thinking omakase could be fun.

So, to clarify - what's the best of these or other places in the neighborhood overall? And what's the best omakase? (I thought Shimizu for omakase but read a review somewhere that non-Japanese were not treated that well at the sushi bar there?)


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have posted about Shimizu before, and I would say that at that price point - or any price point for that matter - you'd be hard pressed to find a better omakase. And I haven't read the review about gaijin treatment but I find it hard to believe, since both Shimizu and his 'sous-chef' (don't know the equivalent for a sushi bar) Yamaguchi are ridiculously nice, something that comes up very often in reviews, so sit at the bar and enjoy yourselves. Perhaps the real issue is that his english, like that of many japanese, is not that great (Yamaguchi's is much better). And if you have room you may want to have some of his chowanmushi, usually laced with uni, crab and ginko nuts.

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        A couple years back, $150 per person at Shimizu for an omakase meal was a slight sticker shock, but as it was revealed to me, it's about what can be expected. I wasn't even that full afterwards.

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          " 'sous-chef' (don't know the equivalent for a sushi bar) " ...

          The "kami" (head?) itamae, "typically" stationed closest to the door (not always), is the lead, the (perhaps) owner ... he calls the shots.
          His "right hand" man is the "nakaita"; the "shimo-ita?" stands third in line ... or, "so it seems".
          Others might provide translations

        2. I am a big fan of Sushi Zen. It a a beautiful restaurant, great survice and wonderful, fresh, sushi. However, I must admit that the one time I tried the omakase I was dissapointed. I have had much better experiance there with their a la cart menu. They used to have a lobster sushi / suchimi dish that was amayzing.

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            Definitely go with Shimizu...although Sushi of Gari recently opened on 46th and 8th.

            1. re: Tengo Hambre

              Hatsuhanna on 48th and Madison has hands down some of the best sushi in midtown. You need to sit at one of the sushi bars - ideally the one downstairs and tell them you want what is fresh. You can basically eat until you are full for < $100.