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Apr 17, 2007 09:28 AM

Toronto Hound Coming to Florida in June

Good Day Florida Hounds,
My girlfriend and I will be spending time in Miami and the Keys in the middle of June. We are in need of some guidance. We will have a car and are looking for rec's for breakfast, lunches and dinners. We are open to different cuisine and price points.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Let me be the first to welcome you to fl, i dont have any info on Miami,but i do have a little for the Keys.As far as finding "different cuisine" ,that should be a cinch,for one you wont find many if any places that serve brown gravy on french frys....:),my first rec is Craig's restaurant in Tavernier,at mm 90.1,the fish sandwich is really good,next is Tower of pizza,on Islamorada mm 81.5,not high end,but really good food at reasonable prices(something rare in the keys),i recommend a pasta dish called"Key west shrimp",and the fresh baked goods are also really good,lastly Morada bay cafe, mm 81.6 Islamorada,this is an open air ,on the beach restaurant ,the sunset is beyond description,the service is excellent,the food however left some to be desired(the stone crab was great) and is pretty pricy,but all in all worth the money,i hope this helps,and even more i hope you both enjoy your stay in Fl.

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      One more thing,I've eaten a lot of Key lime pie, but the best i had in the Keys was Blonde Giraffe, they have a couple of locations in the lower Keys,the best choice is chocolate coverd,and frozen on a stick...sounds odd i know,but it's the stuff!