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Apr 17, 2007 09:28 AM

Holden Beach, NC (inc. Shalotte, and other Brunswick cty recs)?

I'll be going to HB next month for a family vacation, flying into Wilmington, and driving south. I would appreciate any info on dining in the area. I've searched Wilmington and found a couple helpful threads, but haven't seen anthing recent or useful on the Brunswick county area. I'm familiar with the HB area enough to know there aren't many options, and many are miserable: wilted iceberg salads, inferior cuts of meat misidentified, and lots of greasy seafood. I also know of a few places that are good: Provision Company and Archibald's come to mind immediately. We also ate at a Jamaican restaurant on, I think it was Sunset Beach?, maybe Ocean Isle?, a couple years ago. Some of the food there was great, some not so much.

I would really appreciate info on any kind of dining from Wilmington south to the SC border, thanks!

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    1. Brusnwick is tough, but some good food to be found. Try Fishy Fishy in Southport. Stick to entrees, salads and specials. Also in Southport, I've heard that Mr. P's and Live Oak Cafe are great. The Pharmacy downtown has interesting crab cakes (wrapped in phyllo). On my one visit there for lunch, I had a great curry soup and the crab cakes and heard lots of other diners going on about how much they liked the food. Oak Island Restaurant is good -- and inexpensive. Home cooking and decent fried seafood, big portions. Also, great toro sushi and sashimi (tuna belly) at Tomo along with good Japanese hibachi and tableside entrees. Alsom "they say" fab Italian at Bella Cucina in Southport.

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        Thanks for the recs! I may be able to get everyone to consider Southport one evening, and so appreciate the info.

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          I second Fishy Fishy in Southport. We have had two great meals there.

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            I kinda feel like overall, the Pharmacy has tiptoed downhill slightly in the decade or so I've been going there (though I only go maybe once every 2 years, so I'm hardly an authority). The phyllo-wrapped crab cakes *are* great, though. It makes for a nice soothing lunch in the middle of a hot day, for sure.

            Thai Pepper's across the street from the Pharmacy is actually also surprisingly good. Of all the places around Southport I've tried, it's the one that makes it back into the rotation most frequently. Back when WIlmington had a film industry (I guess it's making a comeback nowadays, actually), you'd occasionally see PAs pull up in a van & load up a ton of thai food to take to some nearby set.

          2. Amy, did you find anything new in the HB area? We go there for a week every year and have been doing so for years, but we eat out only 1 nt/week because I cook each night whatever seafood I buy that day from Capt. Pete. Our 1 dinner out is usually at Capt Pete's restaurant, which is just o.k., but the Key Lime pie is outstanding. I'd like to know of an alternative for a dinner out [other than the fried food at Provisions]. We leave for HB this Friday, so I'd love to hear some suggestions for a good dinner. We drive from St. Louis area, and usually stop for the night anywhere from Asheville to Spartanburg, but don't stray too far looking for a good meal that night [only because I get overruled].

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              I don't know if they are open for dinner, but Mankin's has a great southern hot dog. Get it "all the way" which means chili, mustard, onion and slaw.

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                Thanks, i'm pretty sure Mankin's is not open for dinner, but it's a regular lunch spot for us. Generally i try the burgers all the way, but this year maybe i'll do the dog.

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                I'm a year late, eh, Wayno? Getting ready to make the flight and drive again next month, so pulled up this thread, and well, here I am! Last year we tried the Purple Onion in Shalotte, which I don't remember a whole lot about, but certainly it isn't a bad memory. Provision Co. last year was terrible--the steamed shrimp was mushy, disappointing compared to the year before. I also noticed they patrolled the dining room, not too subtly urging people to move on once they'd eaten rather than nurse a beer and listen to the music. I can't blame them, but some in our party weren't as understanding about turning our table.

                Still interested in feedback if there is anyone with new info or an update on an oldie but goodie?

              3. Don't know if you've tried Betty's. The food is decent. Mostly seafood. I like the broiled platter. The Thirsty Turtle is a great drink. Usually, they have live entertainment on the weekends. It's on the waterway like Provision. Also, the I go for the burgers at the pier every year. YUM!

                1. My nephew was married at Holden Beach. The Purple Onion in Shallotte catererd the rehearsal party and the wedding. They have a little cafe/bakery in Shallotte. Everything we ate was delicious. Not a lot of other options right on the beach. Breathtaking view as you go over the bridge over the intercoastal waterway to Holden Beach.