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Apr 17, 2007 08:49 AM


Has anyone tried Bonsoiree? I have been getting emails from them about their "underground" dining experience. Yeah, yeah I know...its not really underground dining but their menus and pricing are tempting.

Its usually a 3-5 course meal for around $60 and BYOB. Any comments and reviews are appreciated.

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  1. We went to one of their dinners. The food was excellent! Unfortunately I can't remember it course by course, but it was influenced by French, Italian and Asian cusine.

    The restaurant is just a small storefront and there aren't many tables so as a duet we got seated with another couple. It was interesting getting to know them, but certainly interfered with any romance between the two of us.

    The chef spends time in the front of the house and was charming and informative. Plan to go back before too long.

    1. We went and it was nice, though service took a LOOOONG time (8 pm dinner, finished around 11 pm). We were 2, and had our own table - weren't made to eat with others :)

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        I haven't been yet, but attended culinary school with the chef . . . consistently good food, presentation and technique.

      2. Haven't been to the underground dinner, but my husband and I dined there this past Friday. It was wonderful! We went for the $20 pre-fixe that is served tues. - fri. nights and brought a bottle of wine along. If you look at their spring menu online, anything with an asterisk next to it is an additional $4, except for the lamb which is an additional $9. We got there around 7pm, had a reservation for 7:30, but just couldn't wait because we were starving. There were about three tables full of people when we got there and was almost full by the time we left. Also, there was plenty of street parking along Armitage.

        For our appetizers, I chose the spicy red lentils on top of a corn cake, he chose the aspargus/mushroom salad. Both were excellent. The corn cake app. was rather small so I wasn't as willing to share more than a bite because I really, really enjoyed it. Lentils were barely spicy which was good because I can't handle spice, I got it mostly for the corn cake, it just sounded good. I helped myself to the generous portion of asparagus salad, the asapargus were HUGE and crispy and cut into nice bite-sized chunks. The mushrooms and dressing went perfectly with it.

        For entrees, I ordered the Hawaiian moonfish (aka Opa), he ordered the rack of lamb. The moonfish was excellent and just what I was looking for. It has the consistency of tuna but its really moist and nice. The Ponzu sauce was so good that I soaked up every last drop of it. The mango salsa on top was the perfect accompaniment to the flavors. I shared my dish this time as there was a good portion, but can't say I shared too much of the sauce! The rack of lamb was also great. It came with a HUGE pile of fingerling potatoes which I couldn't keep my fork out of. The accompanying sauce was nice and thick and was perfect with both the potatoes and lamb (and I really don't like lamb at all, I'm *trying* to acquire a taste for it as my husband is from Lebanon and prefers it over beef and orders it almost anywhere its on a menu).

        For desert, I chose the house banana bread pudding, or for an extra charge of $4 they had a few other deserts -- some pastries from Vanille (which personally I'd rather just go to Vanille for) or a house-made ice cream. Friday nights flavor was strawberry, kinda boring, but my husband loves strawberry ice cream so he ordered that. We were told they had a lavendar flavored one the night before, I would have liked that -- sounds more interesting at least. The bread pudding was amazing and had the perfect consistency with lots of moist banana. It came with a white chocolate creme anglaise on the side that I could have drank had they given me a larger portion. The ice cream was good, nothing special though, however my husband really enjoyed it, it came with a couple wafer-like house-made sugar cookies. We were told they recently bought the ice cream maker so they have been doing a lot of experimenting with it, so hopefully there will be some good flavors to come.

        Overall, it was a great dining experience and we can't wait to go back - I'm glad we live so close! All the courses came out in a very timely manner, not too slow, but not too fast, which made it a really relaxing Friday night. We'll definitely be trying both lunch and bruch there soon. If I have one complaint, it's that we brought our own wine glasses (we're not snobs, but sometimes wine just tastes better out of your own glasses, especially since we bought a good bottle of wine), and the woman who was helping out in the dining room took our glasses, I assumed she was rinsing them for us or something, but never returned them. I only say that because they are visually nothing like the wine glasses they have there so I figured she would recognize that. I was getting nervous because they are pretty fragile, and a little pricey, and was afraid they would break. It took about ten or so minutes before we were able to flag our waiter down to tell him about the mix up, but luckily they were sitting right behind the counter in the bus pan.

        I hope you all try this restaurant out. At the $20 pre-fixe its WELL worth its price!