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Apr 17, 2007 08:33 AM

ISO WV or chelsea rec... $20-$30 entrees

What are some really good moderately priced places in the west village or in chelsea. Not sushi or tapas! it is for saturday night, so a place a party of four can still get in.

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  1. Cookshop is a fantastic place for dinner with great food and wine. It is very reasonably priced.

    The Red Cat is another option, though it is a bit noisy.

    You can look up their menus on

    1. In Chelsea, you can not wrong with places like Crispo for Italian food, Omai for outstanding Vietnamese food, Bambay Talkie for Indian or La Lunchonette for French. All four have terrific food, with vibrant flavors, nice/interesting atmospheres, and moderate prices. Depending upon the time you want to eat, you should be able to find a table at each of these places.

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          These are awesome recs! I also forgot to mention I am a particular fan of seafood. Any of the above ones have great seafood dishes? Or any ones not yet listed?
          Thanks Again.

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            For seafood, Mary's Fish Camp and Pearl Oyster Bar are favorites on this board, although neither are favorites of mine. Black Pearl and Ditch Plains are other seafood options in the area. For mussels, Cafe de Bruxelles and Petite Abeille are very good.
            Otherwise, some of my favorites in the areas you mentioned are Crispo, Red Cat, Po, Snack Taverna, Little Owl (although it's doubtful you'll get in there on Friday), and La Nacional. You can also try Deborah, Cornelia St. Cafe, Agave.